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TV's Kyle King of Kong 
featuring Devo Spice, Chris Rockriver, and Odd Austin
The new album verion of "King of Kong" from my upcoming album, "Pocket Full of Quarters". This features Chris Rockriver belting out the chorus with me, sweet, sweet guitars by Odd Austin, and a wicked-awesome guest appearance by Devo Spice! I used the Mario Paint Composer for DS to back up Austin's wicked guitah solo.
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2009-02-10 Insane Ian
Your sideshow version was one of the first songs of yours I ever heard, and I've been a big fan ever since. This NEW version, however, ROKS MY SOX! This is awesome! Well done, sir(s)!
2009-02-10 devospice
This is a really fun song. Glad I could help out with it!
2009-02-10 EclecticLee
2009-02-10 lukeski
If I am remembering the game "Donkey Kong Country" correctly, the Donkey Kong appearing in Nintendo games today is Donkey Kong Jr., all grown up. His dad, the original Donkey Kong, grew old and became Cranky Kong. In any case, this song totally kicks ass. I better get off my butt and do a song about Q*bert, !@#$%&*?!!
2009-02-10 TVsKyle
Yeah, they did set that up that canon... and then did a bunch of things to destroy it! You may have been joking, but you should TOTALLY do a Q*Bert song! Coily is my co-pilot!
2009-02-10 oddaustin
Pure awesomness! I'm so glad I got to be apart of this. Look forward to working with you in the future Sir Carozza, and of course awesome rapping Mr. Rockwell
2009-02-10 JakeWaters
Such a cool song. You guys all did an awesome job!
2009-02-11 Alchav
This song is amazing.
2009-02-11 dino-mike
Very nice job. I love the 8 bit VG music in the beat.
2009-02-11 seamonkey
Ok, due to the climate of the last FuMP that I posted I'd LIKE to humor you and scream at the top of my lungs that this is the best video game song ever, but I keep having ACTUAL eargasms, so I can't fake it: This may actually be my favorite video game song ever.
Ooooooohhhhh KONNNNNNNG!!!!!
2009-02-12 djseamus
I guess you really show your age when you know Mario best from his Donkey Kong days....luckily I just missed that generation. Have another banana there, TV's-K! This is superb, and kudos to Chris, Austin, and Devo
2009-02-12 oddaustin
I thought I'd mention, that I used to sing the chorus of this tune a lot with my friends when we were just hangin' out and I'm so glad to actually be on it.
2009-02-18 Molakwae
Nice song. So.... What DID happen to Pauline?
2009-02-19 TVsKyle
She was last seen in Mario vs Donkey Kong 2, to my knowledge. Which makes Mario a two-timing man-whore... Or at least, it would if the damn princess was putting out.
2009-02-19 Spaff.com
High scores (rimshot!) to everyone involved. And to anyone who hasn't seen the documentary The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters, do so.
2009-09-17 MarissaGoldmark
I *LOVE* this song! Awesome Work!
2012-01-10 wyrdwyrd
This song is *awesome*. Hint: always be finding ways to sneak samples of old arcade games into songs. It will always win with geeks in the 30+ range. -- Furry cows moo and decompress.
2015-09-27 wardog0001000
I'm looking for the lyrics to this awesome song
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