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the great
Luke Ski
Keanu Barada Nikto 
This is a sketch about last week's #1 movie at the box office. I'd warn you by saying 'Spoiler Alert', but I have a feeling most of our regular patrons here at the FuMP dot com have no intention of seeing it anyway.

According to Wikipedia, the powers that be behind the remake of "The Day The Earth Stood Still" had no intention of including the line "Klaatu Barada Nikto" in the film, but on the insistance of Keanu Reeves, a big fan of the 1951 original, the line was included. It's Klaatu's first line of dialogue in the film, however it's so garbled by a ton of audio effects gobbledegook that I didn't even know that's what was being said. I had to go home and do some Google searches to find out if it was even in the film at all, as it was promised by the stars on the Late Night talk shows. So, since Keanu made a good faith effort to make sure the line was included in the remake, we should probably cut the guy some slack this time around...

...Yeah, right.

There are some things in the world that I will never tire of. Picking on the acting style of Keanu Reeves is one of these things. If you're out there Keanu, sorry, but it had to be done. In reality, I'm a fan of many of your films, and if you get together with Alex Winter and make "Bill and Ted 3", I promise I'll never make fun of you again.

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2008-12-26 scarybug
Hilarious! I always kind of wanted Keanu to redub his lines in Johnny Mnemonic now that he can sort of act.
2008-12-26 Insane Ian
I was HOPING for some sort of AoD reference here, and you didn't disappoint! Great stuff, Luke!
2008-12-26 wildcard9
Well done!! Very well done!! How is the director doing after he got out of the looney bin?
2008-12-26 computerking
Ha! Great Minds Think Alike: Check out my X-mas/Day The Earth Stood Still episode, at www.computerkingonline.com
2008-12-26 Dr. Milo T. Pinkerton III
Lewis Black directed the new Day The Earth Stood Still?!? Well done, great Keanu impression too!
2008-12-26 lukeski
Thanks all! WildCard: I was wondering who was going to be the first person to comment referencing the 'Looney Bin'. My money was on Emi, but looks like you got to it first! :) Computer King: HAHAHAAA!!! Your review is awesome and clever, I recommend everyone go give it a listen. Dr. Pinkerton: Actually, that was Gilbert Gottfried directing. Lewis Black is directing the reimagining of RoboCop. 'I'd buy that for a f**k dollar!'
2008-12-26 tazman
That was most exellent dude. Here's to hoping that Keanu learns how to act in the upcoming year.
2008-12-26 oddaustin
Holy cow, that was freakin' awesome, Luke. I have to say my favorite track of yours. I certainly enjoyed the Army of Darkness reference, and of course the 'diss' on Keanu.
2008-12-26 DJ Particle
whoa! ;)
2008-12-26 ladyomniscience
Very nicely done. Loved the little Bruce Campbell shout-outs, as well as "Klaatu Barack Obama."
2008-12-26 bruceski
Gilbert Gottfried?
2008-12-27 squirreludecker
i would Love to see another bill and ted movie, especially if it was laced with joke references to his other movies
2008-12-27 djseamus
It's quite refreshing to hear some spoken word on the Fump here instead of a song...you just keep getting better, Luke-ski. Of course I don't get all the references and in-jokes in the peice and here among the comments, but I think we can all be assured that everything is right with the world as long as Keanu Reeves is his old, mind-numbing, space-cadet self. If he ever suddenly turns into a good actor then the world as we know it will be altered forever...hell will likely freeze over too.
2008-12-28 davewhite
Goes on Wayyyyyy too long. There can be too much of a funny thing and you have found(and surpassed) the limit here.
2008-12-29 Carrie Dahlby
The triumphant return of Gilbert and Keanu! Hurrah!
2008-12-30 Insane Ian
i would have to respectfully disagree, davewhite. I think the joke goes on JUST enough, in the classic sketch tradition of Stan Freeburg, with just enough puns to keep the flow going properly, and ends at the best moment possible. Had it gone any LONGER, then yes, too much, but as it stands, i think the length and jokes used are perfect. ^_^ Just enough to get the point across, and get a few extra laughs in before it becomes over use.
2008-12-31 Spaff.com
Length is not a problem for me.
2009-01-01 DJ Particle
You've been BLEEDING EDGEd on the 1/2/09 DT20! ;)
2009-01-05 ProjectSisyphus
Luke you nailed Keanu dude...I think you need a "Keanu sings" tune.
2009-01-05 lukeski
Thanks Bob! I already have a Keanu song from 2002: http://www.thegreatlukeski.com/lyrics_files/keanu
2009-01-19 saganth
Oh lord, Keanu channelling Campbell! BWAHAHAHA! Although that reminds me, the guys in AoD never got the line right either - they always said "verata" instead of "barada"!
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