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Worm Quartet A Worm Quartet Christmas This song contains language that may be objectionable to some listeners and may not be suitable for radio broadcast.
I've had lots of people ask me why Worm Quartet has never done a Christmas song. This piece, written after consuming a batch of Chex Party Mix made with double the suggested amount of Worcestershire Sauce, resulting in the worst case of holiday sphincter-burn I've ever experienced, should answer that question.

For this festive bucket of hot steaming holiday cheer, I've stepped away from the keyboard and reunited with Ben Dean, who recorded and mixed WQ's original Urine Sampler demo! For this one, Ben did all the guitaring and musicing and basically everything you hear that isn't my voice.

This song is now available on the following CDs:
2008-12-12 MarlinsGirl
that is one twisted Christmas song.
2008-12-12 lukeski
Cod bless us, every Juan!
2008-12-12 filkertom
My nipples inverted, I loved this so much.
2008-12-12 KingErroneous
My head asplode.
2008-12-12 davidtanny
So twisted. :-)
2008-12-12 dino-mike
2008-12-12 jimmyknocker
Sounds to me like someone's been on Santa's Naughty List for far too long. LOL
2008-12-12 devospice
Even the apple dumpling noodle burglar couldn't have wafted a jugular hamburger more crowbar-y than this!
2008-12-12 wildcard9
You do the best Mad-Libs, Uncle ShoEboX!!
2008-12-12 Insane Ian
You're my hero.
2008-12-12 DJ Particle
Cattle renting jupiter! Great gobbler of pantomime! :)
2008-12-12 mrwompy
(I've said it before, and I'll say it again.) ... and my wife says that ===>> I <<=== ain't right!!!!!!
2008-12-12 brmj
Shoebox, you did it again. Just when I had finally recovered from the Laundromat of Sin, this broke my brain all over again.
2008-12-13 shoebox
I aim to please, brmj. :) Thanks for the kind words, everybody!
2008-12-13 seamonkey
I was going to dub thee the Ebeneezer of the Aughts, but your last comment has put you out of the running.
What I love about this WQ "Mad Lib" (as wildcard9 so acurately defined above) is the family fireplace delivery which makes this probably my favorite WQ "Mad Lib" of all. It sits in my heart like a lump of cholesterol... but with a STINT!!! Merry Humbug, ShoEboX!
2008-12-13 ProjectSisyphus
Beautiful! The hooting owls were a great touch.
2008-12-13 djseamus
Wow, shoebox, Wow - this is clearly your best work since "Hair on the Soap". I wish a Merry, Happy, Mad-Libbing Popestink to you and yours.
2008-12-14 peterfump9
Strange! Are you going to enter it in the Mad Music Archive Christmas Song Contest?
2008-12-15 davidtanny
Your song will be featured on the Wack Radio edition of The Mad Music Comedy Zone unedited on themadmusicarchive this weekend
2008-12-19 PowerSalad
All's I can say is....Butter! And not only that, but it makes me want to leave raw kielbasa and George Wendt under the tree this year. Very infrared.....very infrared.
2012-11-14 Urine Potato
Hey TamponSubmarine...great song!!! I hope you find some molested lamps under your Halloween tree this year!!! ;-)
2012-11-14 Urine Potato
BUT YOU FORGOT about the uncensored muppets who spoiled my toast! And the nipple tree that you've been growing anally!! O and the jar of mayo that inseminated my spork!!! :-)
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