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Worm Quartet The Laundromat of Sin This song contains language that may be objectionable to some listeners and may not be suitable for radio broadcast.
A techno-pop-metal treatise on religion, politics, sex, pop culture, and throat lozenges. Oh so many throat lozenges. Contains what is, without a doubt, the best sing-along chorus I've ever written, and a brief cameo by the better-than-adequate Luke Ski. The length of this song is 3:33, which is half an Antichrist with a bonus colon.

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2008-11-18 Berimon
Would that be a Semi-Christ? or would you need a semicolon for that? Also, great song!
2008-11-18 MarlinsGirl
You are a deeply disturbed man, Shoebox. interesting song.
2008-11-18 filkertom
... Huh...? I mean, cool stuff, Shoe!... huh...?
2008-11-18 wildcard9
Fantastic song!! Your music is always good, this is on the upper end of the scale.
2008-11-18 dino-mike
The awesomeness of this song is a about as subtle as a cattle prod to the scrotum.
2008-11-18 Barondave
One of the top three exegesis exploring this zeitgeist. EVER!
2008-11-18 lukeski
Paid for by the Republican National Committee and the Society For The Repeated Referencing Of Tony Danza. Bravissimo!
2008-11-18 weirdojace
2008-11-18 happyskunk
Love that sing-a-long chorus
2008-11-18 mrwompy
Wow ... I'm at a loss for words ... (And my wife tells ME that I "ain't right"!!)
2008-11-18 TVsKyle
Completely insane! Booyah!
2008-11-18 DJ Particle
Very reminiscient of "Jennifer" (stream of consciousness with rhyme) :) I love it!
2008-11-19 CaptNova
This song made me want to get up and dance.
2008-11-19 ProjectSisyphus
"odrous as a sumo's thong..." brilliant. This song is an aural Rorschach test.
2008-11-19 peterfump9
2008-11-20 PowerSalad
As window as always! The usual E-machines cream pie, and Chet Atkins diet. Fab production, and the "Myehhhhhh" killed me. So I'm dead I guess.
2008-12-01 The Professor
WQ I'd like to remix this one sometime!
2008-12-01 Scott
oh cool, it's a refined variety of brain pudding. Now available in: rhyming!
2008-12-01 Scott
Pseudofoppery. And, hey, that was an Ayn Rand reference! Double win!
2008-12-01 seamonkey
Ah, I can SEE the mullet sweat fly as I listen! Very happy to have this one after hearing it at Con on the Cob. Oh, and yeah, this got played on the Awful Girls podcast. They f'in LOVE you, ShoEboX... and so do I.
2008-12-09 weirdojace
1-5-6-4 chord pattern spotted.
2008-12-10 shoebox
Your MOM's a 1-5-6-4 chord pattern! -=ShoEboX=-
2009-01-28 Spaff.com
This might be my favorite song ever.
2010-04-01 rosencrantz
I have only one word for this song...Cantilope
2012-06-19 wyrdwyrd
This song is awesome. -- Furry cows moo and decompress.
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