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Tom Smith Redneck Ninjas 
There's an ongoing culture war... to determine whether zombies, pirates, or ninjas are "the new black." I've done songs about zombies and pirates; time to fill out the shelf. I also just like the idea of loud ninja. I mean, why does anyone ever go in costume as a ninja? You're not supposed to be able to see 'em. How do we even know what they look like? A true ninja would look like my mom, only maybe with less Aqua Net.

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2008-11-07 lukeski
Well BANZAI and YEE-HAW!!! :D
2008-11-07 MarlinsGirl
that was awesome.
2008-11-07 KingErroneous
Can Tom Smith brighten up my Friday? Shuriken!
2008-11-07 wildcard9
Y'all can make sure purty music there, boy.
2008-11-07 shoebox
2008-11-08 Hurricane
Yeee Haaaah!! That there be a classy tune ^_^
2008-11-08 saganth
To borrow a failed campaign's catchphrase: The Mac is back! and with extra cheese no less! Tom this is your best song in many months. I see the docs didn't just fix your leg - they rebuilt you, they had the technology, they made you stronger, faster, better!
2008-11-09 Roseroar1
"what a crazy random happenstance"...I LOVE it!!
2008-11-10 Balder
Perfect marriage. Ninjas get weaker in large numbers, and rednecks get dumber. The yin and yang, the hee and haw.
2008-11-11 ludo
Ya got a mighty purty guitar there, boy...
2008-11-13 EclecticLee
Another keeper from Tom! Although I wasn't aware moose habitat overlapped redneck habitat.
2008-11-13 filkertom
"I wasn't aware moose habitat overlapped redneck habitat." ... Dude! Haven't you been watching the presidential campaign...?
2008-11-15 djseamus
Your can take the ninja out of the country, but you can't take the country out of the ninja. Awesome pickin' and killer puns, Tom. Throw another cool song onto the Tom Smith bar-b-q!
2008-11-16 Xero_Storm
Sombody needs to make a vid for this. Anybody know what "yiiha" looks like in katakana?
2008-11-19 ProjectSisyphus
This song's better than deep-fried sushi.
2008-11-20 EclecticLee
"Dude! Haven't you been watching the presidential campaign...?" Not if I could help it! :-) (But point taken.)
2008-11-24 JonnySpazzbourne
I heard this The Good Doctor's show and I just HAD to leave a comment! My Mom and I both ROFL'd at "Our blowguns come from Steak'n'Shake, they have the biggest straws!" and the line about the "occupied" outhouse.
2011-03-27 nicad
Interestingly, this is pretty close to what the ninjas were in real life. Kuni were not really knives, but trowels. Shuriken were typically crafted from coins. The ninja themselves were farmers. Ninja were actually Japanese rednecks!
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