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Tom Smith Giant Monster 
Dedicated to every little kid who ever got a science lab for Christmas or a birthday and immediately became evil. And hugs to you all -- thanks for the comments, and, yeah, it's GREAT to be back!

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2008-10-10 Voice of Kiki
Let me be the first to say, "Welcome back, Tom!" *huggles* This song actually makes me sad I never got any science stuff as a kid (because I was a girl, you see). I would have totally done something like this. A++
2008-10-10 jettabentham
Very much welcome back Tom, I missed your awesomeness! And seconded on Kiki's comment, being a girl the closest I ever got was a Creepy Crawlers Pink Power Ranger set that I couldn't even use because I didn't have the oven!
2008-10-10 saganth
Oh no!! It shouldn't happen to a dog! *laughing my tuchus off here* Welcome back indeed Tom. Yes a children's album seems to be in order - you just need a sufficiently demented name for it!
2008-10-10 filkertom
Already got that, Saganth: Lumberin' Bunny and Other Attempts to Influence Impressionable Young Minds.
2008-10-10 filkertom
And hugs to the ladies. Ain't it great, living in a world with Agatha Heterodyne?
2008-10-10 David
I am so glad your back! Place just hasn't been the same without you.
2008-10-10 devospice
You?! WE are glad to have him back! It was rough there for a while without anyone to CYA.
2008-10-10 MarlinsGirl
Welcome back tom! Love the song.
2008-10-10 Carrie Dahlby
Welcome back. :)
2008-10-10 djseamus
He's BaAAACK! Glad to see your name on the Fump again. I'll post another comment once I've heard the song, which I can only imagine will be Halloween-appropriate. All the best, Tom.
2008-10-10 lukeski
"Once again back is the incredible, the rhyme animal" - Chuck D. Great song, and welcome back to the FuMP! Yeeeaaahhh boyeeeee!
2008-10-10 Insane Ian
This and "I had a Shoggoth" are now my two favorite Tom Smith songs...bloody brilliant.
2008-10-10 djseamus
Ha ha, exllent Tom, simply brilliant....this reminded me alot of Van Morrison's "Moondance". I'm writing this comment from the computer in the studios of WWPV 88.7-FM (www.wwpv.org) right now and "Giant Monster" will make it's vermont debut in a few, short minutes! This, and "I Had a Shoggoth" will get some air-time on my Friday/31 Halloween/Samhainn special as well. Great to have you back churnin' out the hits!
2008-10-10 wildcard9
is it time to call Jonny Socko and his sphinx-headed robot?
2008-10-10 justininho
Great song. Have you ever seen a British comedy TV series called 'The Goodies'. One episode is about a Giant Kitten that wrecks London. I think it was called 'Kitten Kong'. First song of yours I've heard. Now I have to find this 'shoggoth' song.
2008-10-10 hms42
Welcome Back, Tom!
2008-10-11 filkertom
juistininho -- yep, definitely remember The Goodies, although they weren't the inspiration for this song in any way. Not sure I ever saw that episode... but I loved their theme song. And you can find "I Had A Shoggoth" elsewhere on this site (http://www.thefump.com/fump.php?id=1046).
2008-10-11 peterfump9
A great return!
2008-10-13 ProjectSisyphus
Wow great tune! Is that aMarc Gunn's cat meowing on there?
2008-10-13 ProjectSisyphus
Wow great tune! Is that aMarc Gunn's cat meowing on there?
2008-10-13 EclecticLee
This one's a keeper. And my kids loved it! But it feels like something's missing. Maybe it's just because it was so short.
2008-10-14 Hurricane
There can never be enough Tom Smith- there, it has been said ^_^ Now let us rejoice!!
2008-10-28 Spaff.com
Big bonus points for the internal rhymes - has anyone mentioned them yet? I'm looking forward to seeing you on stage again.
2010-03-18 Snowstreak
Not nice, my dog's name is Scrappy :{
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