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Devo Spice Busted 
For this song I decided to try to do something a little different. Rather than just do a generic song about the show I thought about what might happen if a desperate man used this show to try to impress a woman.

This show has the added benefit of being one where they're constantly saying "don't try this at home."

This is certainly the way it would go if I tried it, anyway.

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2008-10-03 EctoMstr
Must be October, another Ghostbusters reference FTW! Awesome song guys!
2008-10-03 TVsKyle
Man, this is such ear candy. ^^
2008-10-03 DJ Particle
No, no... "Ear Candy" is a local Minneapolis band ;)

Oh, you mean the SONG!! Oh yeah! One of the best SD songs IMHO! :)
2008-10-03 MarlinsGirl
very awesome song.
2008-10-03 saganth
Oh lord, funny stuff! You should send the Mythbusters cast a copy of this song - it's not the first time they've gotten one either (I gave them my filk "Ballad of the Chicken Gun" on disc when Kari and Tori came to I-Con a couple years ago).
2008-10-03 dino-mike
I've never seen the show, but the song is great! I love that you used the Ghostbusters beat.
2008-10-03 lukeski
Psst... Devo... You got the names of Jamie and Adam flipped on the lyrics page... Thanks for including me in another fine Sudden Death jam! Please continue to BUST out the jams while I BUST a move!
2008-10-03 jimmyknocker
Once again, Sudden Death scores another awesome hit. I've seen Mythbusters a few times, but this song really rocks. Nice update on the Ghostbusters soundtrack. This song gets my higheHWHAAAAAARRRRRRRRFFFFFFFF Ugh. Can I get a mop here?
2008-10-04 Hurricane
What terrorists in Rutland? ;) Nicely done Devo, a sure hit on dementia shows throughout the land!
2008-10-05 mrwompy
That thar wuz a good 'un, Mr. Rockwell!!
2008-10-05 djseamus
"There are thousands of terrorists in Rutland Vermont"....yeah, wouldn't be surprised! Colchester, VT is much safer. I too enjoyed the Ghostbusters references, and the skit, but I must admit it took me a while to realize that the song was about "Myth Busters"....I haven't scene that show in ages. Now what's your next rap gonna be about, Devo? Bullets made out of meat or ice?
2008-10-08 EclecticLee
Nice one, Tom. So let's see, Luke Ski was Adam. Carol Dahlby was, of course, Kari and "girl." That leaves -=ShoEboX=- of Worm Quartet and Chris Mezzolesta of Power Salad as Jamie and the announcer, but I can't figure out which one's which!
2008-10-09 squirreludecker
i agree, probably one of the best sudden death songs out there
2008-10-09 devospice
LunaticLee, Shoebox was Jamie. Chris was the announcer. And the part of "girl" was played by Seamonkette.
2008-10-09 filkertom
I love this. Simply love it. "... Otis is my cat."
2008-10-10 Carrie Dahlby
I enjoyed being a part of this. (LunaticLee: My name is actually Carrie, not Carol.)
2008-10-11 peterfump9
2008-10-11 EclecticLee
D'oh! Sorry, Carrie. I blame it on someone -- probably Tom on Manic Mondays -- calling you the "Carol Cleveland of the FuMP." (Also sorry for overlooking Seamonkette.)
2008-10-29 Spaff.com
"The piece of my thumb was missing AGAIN." Ha!
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