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Carla Ulbrich Duet With A Klingon 
What would a relationship with a Klingon really be like? Well nobody really knows, but this is probably as close as we're likely to come.
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2008-09-23 lukeski
Your duet has much honor. Now you must change your name to Qapla Ulbrich!
2008-09-23 minkwheel
...I could've SWORN that Luke would've said 'YOU MIGHT BE A TREKKIE" ....GREAT JOB, CARLA! Ngah! Krablach! Caralach uuuUHLBRICH!-- Wouldn't you AGREE?? - minkwheel
2008-09-23 justininho
If it's okay with you I'd like to play this on my segment of humourous songs on the community radio station in Adelaide, South Australia. Just the sort of thing I'm looking for - but I'll wait for your okay first.
2008-09-23 oddaustin
Great song as usual Carla! Nice to see you back on da FuMP
2008-09-23 filkertom
Love it.
2008-09-23 lukeski
Hey justininho, all the songs posted at the FuMP are done so with our advance permission for DJs to play them on the radio. So feel free to play Carla's song, as well as any other songs posted at the FuMP. Just please be sure to tell your listeners they can download the track themselves at "The FuMP Dot Com"! Thanks! :D
2008-09-23 DJ Particle
and as an addendum to Luke -- that goes for the Sideshow too according to the Sideshow ToS ;)
2008-09-23 mrwompy
Great song!! But isn't it discriminatory to Klingons? 8^)
2008-09-23 Voice of Kiki
The really sad thing is... I understood most of that. I don't know if I should be scared or proud. Good job, Carla.
2008-09-23 djseamus
All I can think to say is to reach back into my long-gone Trekkie past with a quote from Star Trek IV: "You haven't heard Shakespeare until you've heard it in the original Klingon". Superb playing and singing here, Carla.
2008-09-23 davidtanny
Good song. How does that translate into Klingon?
2008-09-24 dino-mike
You know you can change this song to "Duet with an Armenian" and no one would know. Hey-O!!!
2008-09-30 peterfump9
2008-11-01 Spaff.com
Another lovely performance from the frighteningly original Ms. Ulbrich. And speaking of frightening, I'm just a little afraid that the Klingon-language lines are actually in Klingon. And that there are people out there who understand it.
2009-10-05 carlau
yes it's in actual klingon. spaff, if you really want to be frightened, i bought the klingon dictionary, translated the lyrics i wanted to use, and had an hour-long enunciation lesson over the phone with an expert.
2009-10-05 carlau
translates as: i say potato and you say potato i say tomato and you say meat etc pajamas= pajamas i think bananas= bananas then oh if we call the whole thing off then we must part. and oh "do you speak klingon?" "whwat" "apparently not." "let's have a conversation" i cannot speak klingon i can't understand you i have no idea what you're saying i don't care and i don't care shut up oh hush we better call the calling off off.. but oh if we call the whole thing off... and oh "surrender or die" dont' you know any english surrender or die" OK then if you say OK i'll say OK you say no problem i'll say no problem whatever whatever nonsense what? we better call the calling off off. let's call that whole thing off.... 'two three four'
2013-05-24 carlau
actually no it was not bananas= bananas. there was no klingon word for bananas. so that line is "i say bananas you say meat"
2013-05-24 carlau
or was it tomato =meat? it's been too long since i wrote this.
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