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Power Salad The Table Near The Band 
Our first wedding since the first album's "With Sparklers All Around Her". This guy must leave Aunt Millie in the dust for his boorishness, but what was his crime, really? What is his fate? Is the singer holding a white cat, by chance? "Licence to Kill the Idiot Wedding Guest". "You Only Live Long Enough to Get Thrown Out of the Country Club Twice". "Groomfinger". "Dr. No He Di'nt!!". "Diamonds Are Lost In One of the Bathroom Sinks Forever". Had enough yet? Words by Craig Marks, vocal and John Barry Orchestra impression by Chris Mezzolesta.
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2008-09-12 Hurricane
Once again Power Salad hits one out of the park! Great song, a must for weddings everywhere ;)
2008-09-12 voiceroy
An instant classic. Great vocals and orchestration too, Chris.
2008-09-12 shoebox
Gods, this is awesome. The lyrics and the way they're delivered paint the picture disturbingly vividly, and a gloriously goofy picture it is. I can so picture Chris clutching his martini and cackling as he exacts his revenge on the terrified wedding guests who have wronged him. And the final note gave me one of those unable-to-suppress-it-even-though-I'm-at-work laughs. Power Salad is brilliance. -=ShoEboX=-
2008-09-12 dino-mike
Very nicely done!
2008-09-12 lukeski
"From Reception With Love"? "Garterball"? "As Long As You Both Shall Live And Let Die"? "The Man With The Golden Ring"? "The Bride Who Loved Me"? "Moon-cake-er"? "For Your Icing Only"? Somebody give Power Salad one MILLION dollars!
2008-09-12 wildcard9
Good god, the wedding reception this song inspires would make an awesome music video. "Marriage License Renewed".
2008-09-12 peterfump9
Great song! It reminds me that Halloween is just around the corner.
2008-09-13 bruceski
Then there's the later ones. "Motherinlaw'seye" "The Ring is Not Enough" "Tomorrow needs to Die (Bachelor Party Edition)" ...I'm drawing blanks on Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace.
2008-09-14 filkertom
2008-09-15 Spaff.com
Ooh, here's a good one: "License to Wed." I'm surprised no one's thought of that yet. Heh heh.

Great stuff, C+C Music Factory!

2008-09-15 djseamus
3 hours of distortion! he he. How 'bout "From the Bride's Family With Contempt"?
2008-09-15 djseamus
3 hours of distortion! he he. How 'bout "From the Bride's Family With Contempt"?
2008-09-17 ProjectSisyphus
Wow what a GREAT TUNE! Makes me want to go to my next wedding gig and turn my amp up just little LOUDER! You've also given me ideas for a "Bride from Hell" song. Power Salad rocks!
2008-09-26 Insane Ian
This is amazing. Best villain voice ever. That last note is the most powerful thing i've ever heard.
2009-07-27 weirdojace
Just got around to hearing this. This is insanely awesome. *knows this comment with go unnoticed because it's so late*
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