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Rob Balder Ars Musica - It Had to Be You This song contains topics that may be objectionable to some listeners and may not be suitable for radio broadcast.  Squeamish people should not listen to this song.
This song has been marked as squick and therefore potentially highly offensive.

I want to hear this song.
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2008-09-09 devospice
Very funny. :) I don't really see this needing the squick label, but very funny.
2008-09-09 MarlinsGirl
that was funny. New Jersey doesn't smell that bad.
2008-09-09 saganth
All we need now is to get Michael Buble to sing this! ;) Seriously, great job Rob!
2008-09-09 JakeWaters
Yay, Rob! Had me laughing!
2008-09-09 dino-mike
Hahaha!!! This is a great song!!! Nice job!!! (I think the "squick" label is unnecessary here).
2008-09-09 chewy's brother
very nice.
2008-09-09 lukeski
I agree with the sentiments that this is very funny and also that the squick tag is unnecessary.
2008-09-09 Spaff.com
Heh heh. Add me to the list of those who don't believe that necrophilia and flatulence are equally deserving of SQUICK tags. I, for one, would never engage in flatulence.
2008-09-09 voiceroy
This is about as "squick" as LukeSki's "Jack Bauer" is "explicit." Seriously. Funny stuff, Rob. Now you and Lund need to get together and write "99 Words for Farts". This song is also "Based on a true story" for me--actually happened when I was dating my wife. She blamed it on the smoke coming from a nearby industrial plant. But I know a fart when I smell one, and we weren't anywhere near Jersey either. And nearly two years later, she finally confessed to the dirty deed. I told her the apology was two years too late.
2008-09-09 Balder
Well, if it's unanimous we can take the squick tag off... I just figured better squick than sorry.
2008-09-09 wildcard9
To quote the critic Jay Sherman: it stinks!! :-)
2008-09-09 mrwompy
Hilarious!! Another one for the "Fart Songs" playlist on my iPod!! (And my wife will probably be thinking "You're listening to yet another fart song?!?")
2008-09-09 seamonkey
Brilliant! I mean the New Jersey part. And if Jersey ain't squick I dunno what is! Leave it on there if only to be one with the Seamonkey!
(Unless you're looking for airplay, fond comments, adoring fans and certain success... in that case stay far, FAR away from the Seamonkey)
Lovely song, enjoying the earoma (new word I just made up) :)
2008-09-09 ProjectSisyphus
Having played this song at 34,563 wedding gigs, I am overjoyed to see it get this treatment. You've brought the fart joke to a new, er, low. "Chanel #2" is marvelous. Shoulda let Janny sing a verse, though.:)
2008-09-09 peterfump9
don't like it.
2008-09-09 djseamus
Well I for one think Rob did a great job crooning with the jazz, baby! He's one hep-cat with a penchant for scat, or, (ahem), shat....crap? I could totally see this song being played on morning radio shows, The Bob and Tom Show" for example. Kudos to Janny for delivering her role beautifully.
2008-09-10 voiceroy
djseamus wrote: "Rob did a great job crooning with the jazz, baby! He's one hep-cat with a penchant for scat, or, (ahem), shat....crap?" ----------> Actually, "scat" would be entirely appropriate for a song that's scatological in nature.
2008-09-12 dannbrown
Funny as hell! I'll sing this every morning lol wink wink.
2008-09-12 filkertom
... What have I done!? ;) That's a hoot -- love Janny's delivery!
2008-09-30 EclecticLee
This was my favorite FuMP song this month! Were some of the fart euphemisms original? Some were new to me.
2008-09-30 Balder
Thanks, Lee! Actually, all of the fart euphemisms were original, except for "Ars Musica." I checked Urban Dictionary and it seems I am not the first to think up "Chanel No. 2" but I swear it was independent. :)
2008-10-23 bobred0965
LMAO. I think I actually had that conversation with my wife once.
2008-12-10 carlau
ROFL. rolling on a fart laughing. i laughed til i farted. then i farted til i laughed. til i farted. til i laughed. OK not really but i did nearly break my face laughing. damn i love a good fart joke.
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