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Worm Quartet Sheep Marketing Ploy (The Ballad Of Fenton) 
featuring Tom Smith
Mutton meets mullet as Worm Quartet takes on Tom Smith's pun-filled tale of the unscrupulous unstoppable ungulate of the underworld. In an arrangement that blurs the distinction between cover and karaoke, the music is by Tom Smith, and is in fact the same music you'll hear in Tom's new version of the song on his upcoming CD, "Sounds Familiar." The vocals are by Shoebox of Worm Quartet, attempting to channel Meat Loaf and Jack Black in a way that has caused even long-time Worm Quartet fans to ask who the singer is. For maximum enjoyment, put this version in your playlist right after Tom's for a double-ewe queue.


Anyway, this song can be found on the wonderful "Mr. Smith Goes To The Hospital" tribute album, which can be downloaded digitally with any donation made here.

For those of you who already own that album and were hoping for brand new Worm Quartet, sorry, friends, but I'm afraid you've been fl...


you've been flee...


...God help me, I can't.

See, this is why the world needs Tom Smith. Get better soon, Tom.

This song is now available on the following CDs:
2008-08-22 saganth
Okay, Tom Smith singing the original tune is better than Tom Smith singing with this new music, but Worm Quartet singing with this new music as a cover somehow works out just fine! (Sounds like a warped song by The Monkees actually!) Great job on this cover!
2008-08-22 devospice
This came out great!
2008-08-22 djseamus
Shoebox is covering Tom Smith? So you could say he's "pulling the wool over our eyes". I hope you won't think of me as "sheepish" but I will be posting another comment here after I've heard the song, which is sure to be a unique experience....and hopefully an explanation of Tom's "Fenton" moniker.
2008-08-22 djseamus
...or why he's sometimes reffered to as "Fenton".
2008-08-22 weirdojace
Your voice sounds really good against real instruments. Use them some more!
2008-08-22 Zel_et_al
Hee, hee, hee, This was SOOOOOOOO Great! Fenton has ALWAYS been a favorite of mine. My hubby wants to be a High Priest of Fenton Worship! Little did I know, I have a plush sheep with red eyes. I never did know her parentage. ::::shiver::::
2008-08-22 wildcard9
Still fleecing the fans I see :-)
2008-08-22 chewy's brother
*insert blatant generic "you rock" quote here*
2008-08-23 djseamus
"Rest in fleece" :^) I've heard this finally...and I agree with wierdojace, Shoebox...your voice does sound good in front of real instruments. Good job with this.
2008-08-23 filkertom
I adore this cover, because FINALLY and without equivocation we can hear what a singer Shoebox is. I mean, dang. DJ Seamus! If you go to my iTom post of the new version (http://filkertom-itom.blogspot.com/2008/03/sounds-familiar-sheep-marketing-ploy.html) and get the scoop on how Fenton came to be.
2008-08-23 LoonieBin
"Double-ewe queue." LOVE IT.
2008-08-25 marcgunn
Cool cover!
2008-08-29 ProjectSisyphus
Combining a Rossini aria with a Doors-like classic art-rock track, and lyrics about sheep. Waaaay cool, and best intro blurb EVER
2008-08-30 kyril96
This version is one of my favorite fump songs. Tom's renditions are good, but Shoebox has him bleat.
2008-08-30 kyril96
...and actually I think a better double double-ewe-queue queue would be this followed by what your parents think all your music sounds like. (Olga! Grass! Fenton!)
2008-09-06 Spaff.com
I swear I saw people waving DEATH SHEEP FROM HELL signs at the big convention this week. Heh. This song is fantastic.
2008-09-10 seamonkey
What?!? I haven't commented on a Worm Quartet song? One I've requested on Dr. Demento even??
My laziness appalls me to no end and I am now forced to commit FuMPicide... whatever the FuMP that means.
Now I shall scare my children at bedtime with tales of Fenton! Count those sheep, kiddies, for thine end is near! MUAHA... MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!!!!
I mean, "Baa."
2008-09-10 seamonkey
And yes, I love you too, Tom Smith. Thanks for helping scare our children.
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