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the great
Luke Ski
Battlestar Rhapsody 

From the new album by the great Luke Ski, 'Target: Audience', available on CD and for download today at Luke Ski dot com. This song would not be possible without the immense talent and awesomeness of the following people:

Music by Bob Emmett of Project Sisyphus.
Vocals, vocal interpretation, and coaching by Carrie Dahlby.
Vocals by ShoEboX of Worm Quartet.
Vocals, mixing, and mastering by Chris Mezzolesta of Power Salad.
Inspiration from the Nick Atoms. Always grave-rob from the best.

This song is about wildly popular, critically acclaimed, Sci-fi Channel series 'Battlestar Galactica', the current reimagining of the 1978 classic, done to the tune of that 'Wayne's World' song.

What? If Tom Smith can regularly refer to 'Because I Got High' by Afroman as 'the song from the closing credits of Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back', then I get to call this song 'that Wayne's World song'.

Okay, fine, you win. It's a parody of 'Bohemian Rhapsody' by Queen. Like you didn't figure that out the moment you read the title.

I really hope you like the song, because unfortunately for you, the human-disguised-cylon known as Janny-7 seduced Rob Balder into giving her access to the FuMP mainframe, which she used to launch a nuclear strike against ourselves while you've been reading this. So, enjoy the song during your final five minutes and twenty four seconds to live.

This song is now available on the following CDs:
2008-08-15 minkwheel
By your command....I shall buy TARGET: AUDIENCE...I hope Dr. D will play this song so that ALL may hear it from EARTH to Freddie MERCURY-- Great Job! --minkwheel
2008-08-15 Hurricane
Not bad at all :) I think y'all just Kinged Queen! I wonder if this will be enough for Sci-Fi to continue the series for one more season?
2008-08-15 dino-mike
Nice arrangement Luke... a friend of mine raves about this show, I have the 1st season in my living room at the moment that he let me borrow. I look forward to hearing this song again and knowing what your talking about. Good job though!
2008-08-15 Carrie Dahlby
It was a pleasure to work on and I love listening to it. Now I want to see how it goes over in a room full of Battlestar Galactica fans who get the jokes that I don't get.
2008-08-15 Spaff.com
2008-08-15 devospice
Very ambitious, and well executed. Nicely done! I was toying with the idea of doing a BSG song myself. Now I suppose I shouldn't bother. Thanks. Jerk. :)
2008-08-15 jimmckeeth
Dugg: http://digg.com/music/Battlestar_Rhapsody
2008-08-15 madmanOTL
Awesome idea well executed. I wish I knew the subject matter. No doubt, this song will make me watch Battlestar Gallactica while reading my Scud Omnibus.
2008-08-15 BathTub
Hahaha, excellent.
2008-08-15 djseamus
Well, I didn't get the jokes or references either (except for the Starbucks lines, those were frakin' great). I've only seen like one episode of Babylon 5 ever and I can't remember which one it was....but great job here as always, Luke Ski (and Carrie, and Bob E., and Shoebox, and Chris M....anyone I forgot to mention)Oh the FuMP, how do I love thee? Let me count the Cylons. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc.....
2008-08-18 ProjectSisyphus
Wow, first time I've heard this with the vocals-great job, all. Luke, what a masterful job you did in taking this classic rock-opera epic and making it be about, er, whatever the hell it's about. Way to go!
2008-08-18 Balder
I'll tell you the difference between Rob Balder and Gaius Baltar. We may both want to rule the universem but there is no such thing as "Party Gaius." Anyway, a fine job by all!
2008-08-22 Zel_et_al
Luke, I admire your ambition taking on landmark songs...Holding Out For A Hero, one Week, now this. What's next? The 1977 landmark ALBUM "Bat Out of Hell" in it's ENTIRITY? :::evil Grin:::
2008-08-25 peterfump9
Great parody and good work on the vocals.
2008-09-16 coderjo
I especially like the reference in the guitar solo, which fans of ONLY the re-imaging will probably not get.
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