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the great
Luke Ski

This is a song about what is in my opinion, the greatest comic book ever, "Scud The Disposable Assassin", created by Rob Schrab.

Rob and I used to take improv classes together in Milwaukee. Rob is one of the original members of "The Dead Alewives", giving him the distinct infamy of being 'the Mountain Dew guy' in the world renowned "Dungeons and Dragons" sketch. During Scud's original mid-90's run, he moved to L.A., where his growing Hollywood workload made him decide to stop "Scud" at issue #20 with an armageddon-implying cliffhanger. Rob went on with his comedy partners to create such cool things as the pilot "Heat Vision And Jack" which starred Jack Black and was directed by Ben Stiller, "Robot Bastard", "Channel 101", "Acceptable TV", "Monster House", "The Hell O'clock News" for Tenacious D, he directed a video for Death Cab for Cutie, and he is the co-creator and director of "The Sarah Silverman Program". A decade later, Rob felt it was finally time to finish what he'd started, and created issues 21 through 24 of "Scud", which at long last finishes the story. Image Comics released them over the summer, and today released "Scud The Disposable Assassin: the Whole Shebang", an 786 page Omnibus containing all 24 issues, available at your local comic shop now. Rob also announced a Scud fan film contest at his website, RobSchrab.com, and has already gotten some great entries.

I have been wanting to do a song about "Scud" ever since I started making music in '94. The song's time has finally come. Many of my fans have told me that they would have never seen a movie or started watching a TV show if I hadn't done a song about it that peaked their interest in it. My "Scud" song is my ultimate expression of attempting to achieve that desired effect. The comic book "Scud" is the coolest thing in my life that most other people don't know about. So as well as paying tribute to something that has meant so much to me over the past 14 years, I hope you'll go pick up a copy of the Omnibus and get sucked into the world of "Scud". And FYI, I am going to attempt to make a music video for this song before the end of the month for the Scud fan film contest. EDIT: THE "SCUD" MUSIC VIDEO IS COMPLETE! Click on the VIDEO button below to watch it! EDIT AGAIN: My Scud music video won 3rd place in the Scud Fan Film Contest! Go to RobSchrab.com to see all the awesome entries!

The opening and closing music for the song is by Chris Mezzolesta of Power Salad, with vocals by Chris and Carrie Dahlby. What else left is there to say about it, other than... ...It's cool to be a robot.

This song is now available on the following CDs:
2008-07-22 minkwheel
Somewhere in Canada, there is a forrest of trees BEGGING to be cut down to be a part of the SCUD OMNIBUS...WONDERFUL JOB LUKE!!! I'll play your song and pick up a copy of the Omnibus for my girlfriend, Cameron... she's gotta babysit this snotnosed kid named John Conner, and she can use a few pointers. --minkwheel.
2008-07-22 djseamus
A lot to take in here, Luke-ski. Should let ya know that I, being the old, 26-ish geezer I am, still recall the Iraqi scud missiles fired on Kuwait way back in the first Gulf War in the early 90's. Your explosive rap tribute to a comic book I've never heard of has set coordinates for my funny bone....I am evacuating the women and children as we speak.
2008-07-22 yoyogod
The Scud Omnibus is officially added to my Book Mooch wishlist. Cool song.
2008-07-22 dino-mike
And here's me thinking I was the only one that read this book...
2008-07-22 Carrie Dahlby
Hey, it was a pleasure to work on. Thanks Luke and Chris!
2008-07-23 Spaff.com
So far over my head that I can barely see the vapor trails. Well done nonetheless.
2008-07-23 TVsKyle
Ha! One of your best! Has Rob heard it yet?
2008-07-23 lukeski
Hey Kyle, yes, after I sent out my online announcements last night, I got the following email from Rob:
Subject: LOVE THE RAP!
Message: You're the coolest! PLLLLEASE MAKE A MUSIC VIDEO! 
So, next on my to-do list is making the video. :)
2008-07-23 Scott
Oh Awesome!! I love SCUD! Didn't know he was the Mountain Dew guy tho, eh. Brilliant!
2008-07-25 Xero_Storm
****ing brilliant piece! And the song's not to shabby either. ;) Yes, I'm now the VERY proud owner of the libram mentioned herein, which I had never heard of before this week. Mission acomplished, Luke.
2008-07-28 Hurricane
This was really good- I look forward to playing this on the radio right after that great sketch Dungeons & Dragons ^_^
2008-07-28 lukeski
THE "SCUD" MUSIC VIDEO IS COMPLETE! Click on the VIDEO button above to watch it!
2008-08-21 HensonFan50
The Lukeski "Rap" sody is an amazing song.
2008-08-23 snarkdogg
This rocked!
2008-09-03 voiceroy
This makes me wish greatly for "SCUD: The Animated Series". Very nicely done Luke, Carrie, and Chris. This song will effectively introduce SCUD to a much wider audience so we WILL see a SCUD animated series. Hell, I wouldn't mind seeing a live-action movie of it either.
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