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Robert Lund and Spaff.com I Peed in the Pool 
If you're unfamiliar with "I Kissed a Girl" by Christian-singer-turned-pop-tart Katy Perry, turn on a radio. Any radio. It's #1 on, like, every chart. Lyricist Spaff was taking a dip in a friend's pool when he was challenged to parody the song. And the rest, as they say, is a piss story.

Unlike most Robert Lund stuff, here Robert contributed only the vocals. The phenomenal Project Sisyphus did everything else - music, production, mixing, catering, etc. So watch out; together we - like Katy Perry - are TOTALLY GOING NUMBER ONE!

Wait, that came out wrong....

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2008-07-18 oddaustin
I tried to think of a parody idea for this for a few weeks but came up with nothing, good work Spaff, Lund, and Emmet!
2008-07-18 MarlinsGirl
great song, the end was disgusting.
2008-07-18 dino-mike
Well done gents. That song was begging for a parody (if it wasn't so laughable already).
2008-07-18 djseamus
Wait, this is a parody of an artist I've never heard before? Lund and Spaff are you trying to pull a Luke-ski on me? kidding...Until I can hear this song I guess I'll leave you with a quote from the immortal, long since off-air Murphy Brown TV show: "Please Do Not Swim in our Toilet, Please Do Not Pee in our Pool. Well, I guess if I had a pool I'd display this permanently". :^)
2008-07-18 ProjectSisyphus
This sure was a big puddle o'fun, but Spaff can't figure out why his summer pool-party invites have dropped off.
2008-07-18 lukeski
When I was a kid, my Mom's friend had this sign in her pool house bathroom: "Welcome to our ool. Notice there is no 'P' in it. Please keep it that way." Great song, guys!
2008-07-18 JakeWaters
Alright, this is now my favorite song from you guys. Very funny! And PS did an awesome job on the music!!!
2008-07-18 weirdojace
THANK you for parodying this song! I hate Katy Perry with a passion and wanted to parody this, but the song pissed me off too much for me to do that. Katy Perry is possibly one of the most immature, stuck-up brats in the music business right now.
2008-07-19 peterfump9
I heard this song and I liked it....
2008-07-19 Spaff.com
Thanks, all. Very cool of ya to drop by and comment.

Bob: The friends whose pool inspired this have heard the song and informed me that I'm banned from their pool.

Jace: Yeah, but she looks good in a teddy. And isn't that what's important?
2008-07-20 squirreludecker
if you hate katy perry and or think she is stuck up, then that creates serious questions about your sanity or ability to comprehend rational thought. you gotta see her videos where she's just talkin to the webcam. immature maybe, but definately not stuck up.
2008-07-20 weirdojace
Maybe you'd feel the same way I do if you had to hear "You're so gay and you don't even like boys" over and over again.
2008-07-20 djseamus
I think this parody marks Robert Lund's most sultry vocals to date. Watch out Katy Perry who-ever-you-are, there's a new pop tart (old fart?) on the charts: He hails from Utah and his name is Lund! Shout it from the high dive! LUND!
2008-07-20 mrwompy
I had heard about this song, but I had never actually heard it. (I listen to my iPod much more than I listen to the radio.) But it's a great parody! And after I heard this parody, I found the original song and listened to it. Yes, this is definitely a great parody!
2008-07-22 garnsr
Aren't you allowed to say "pissed" on the FuMP?
2008-07-22 Spaff.com
Thanks for the comments, kids. And garnsr: The FuMP isn't overly concerned with language. (See Marc Gunn's "Dear Worm Quartet.") I considered "pissed" but decided "peed" has a better, um, flow.
2008-07-22 mrobinson0805
You guys need to load this song on MYspace! I would totally rock it on my page! Great job 100 times better than Katie Perry!
2008-07-22 Spaff.com
www.myspace.com/spaffcom. Rock away.
2008-07-24 scarybug
I heard "I kissed a girl" whilst getting my haircut - which is the best place to hear horrible new music - and I was like "Wait, were the 90's so long ago that no one remembers the equally obnoxious "I kissed a girl" by Jill Sobule?
2008-07-24 Spaff.com
When I first heard of Katy Perry's "I Kissed a Girl," I assumed it was a cover of the Jill Sobule song (which I like and which, by the way, Luke Ski covered as "I Kissed a Squirrel"). It ain't. I don't get the whole title duplication thing - remember when Marky Mark did "Good Vibrations"? It's, like, of every available title, you chose to name it THAT?

Incidentally, my next song is an original called "Standing Outside a Broken Phone Booth With Money in My Hand."
2008-09-03 voiceroy
Awesomely awesome. A great big ol' lol-fest. Now invite us over so we can all pee in your pool too.
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