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Possible Oscar Dead Again 
This song is a cover of the Tom Smith song and was recorded for the Tom Smith Fund Raiser album Mr. Smith Goes To The Hospital available at PartiallyClips.com/TomSmith. A donation in any amount gets you a downloadable copy of the album and all the proceeds go directly to Tom Smith.

To help further promote the fund raiser The FuMP is having a video contest! Make a fan video for this song and you could win a SanDisk Sansa MP3 Player loaded with a ton of music.

For more information or to enter visit our contest page.

Download link for contest use.

This song is now available on the following CDs:
2008-07-11 shoebox
Bloody Jesus feathers on a stick, this kicks unholy ass. Great job, guys.
2008-07-11 devospice
Rock! Rock! Oh how this does rock!
2008-07-11 Ratzmandious
The thing that worries me so much is how many of these references immediately bring the actual game to mind... But a great song!
2008-07-11 MarlinsGirl
This song Rocked.
2008-07-11 wildcard9
This is one of the best songs on the fund raiser CD, I am glad the people who listen to the FuMP get to enjoy it as well.
2008-07-11 lukeski
Luke Ski prefers the METAL!!! SWOON! SWOON! Possible Oscar? More like PWNible OWNar! Bud and Marshall are the head-banging ass-kicking name-taking kings of all fund raisers!
2008-07-11 LoonieBin
I can figure out a lot of references there...I'd love to see a list of them all. Or a video depicting them all.
2008-07-12 Insane Ian
This song makes my nerdy heart sing with joy...I don't care about the prize, i'm DYING to make a video for this

erm...pun unintentional.

Now to ransack my game collection for footage...

-Insane Ian

2008-07-12 dino-mike
I hope I'm not jumping the gun by saying that this song is a MASTERPIECE!!! Very very well done.
2008-07-13 Xero_Storm
If this rocked any more, NASA would try and terraform it. ... Er, maybe that was a bit obtuse. Oh well.
2008-07-13 rick cormier
I'd like to be the first to say, "This Song Rocks" but, I'm not. So, THIS SONG FUCKIN' ROCKS!
2008-07-13 oddaustin
One of my favorite songs on the Tom Smith tribute CD, excellent work recreating this one guys.
2008-07-16 Spaff.com
Love it. It's been going through my head all week. Just bought the CD. Digging the videos too.
2008-07-17 Sedirex
Supernova is Gravity-based, so it always takes you to a certain fraction of your current HP. Meaning you can't die from it.
2008-07-17 Angela
Possible Oscar FTW!
2008-07-17 snafex
Seriously, I just made an account so I could comment... I've only played about 1/8 of the games referenced, but I still get them all... Granted, 3P1C Award.
2008-07-19 posom2
great song, I got most of those, but some were obscure. what was that reference with cats and beethoven?
2008-07-31 filkertom
Finally, FINALLY back on The FuMP. :) Excellent, guys, simply excellent. Seriously, I cannot express in mere words how great your version of this is. Posom2, the cat/Beethoven ref is from Dragon's Lair II: Time Warp.
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