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Marc Gunn Dear Worm Quartet This song contains language that may be objectionable to some listeners and may not be suitable for radio broadcast.
Dear Worm Quartet, you want to rumble?! Yeah, I'll rumble with you. The bastard decided to tell ME what to play or not to play in song. Well, here's my response. I threw this together the night before I flew to Ireland as a challenge from Shoebox and decided to make it about as filthy as some of his songs... I think I succeeded. Hehe! If nothing else, he'll be happy to hear that it is NOT about cats. Find out more Marc Gunn at www.marcgunn.com. My new CD "What Color Is Your Dragon? Folk Music with Delusions of Grandeur" will be out by August 2008. First, I have to let EVERYONE know about "Whiskers in the Jar: Irish Songs for Cat Lovers". Because cats ROCK! MREOW!

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2008-06-29 weirdojace
... This shit just got real.
2008-06-29 davidtanny
Uh oh! Fump fight!
2008-06-29 artpaul
Great Come Back Marc ! And it's even more brilliant because you you kept it in folk style.
2008-06-29 Insane Ian
oh...it's on like Donkey Kong...

-Insane Ian

2008-06-29 jayekitty
Bwah ha ha ha! Awesome!
2008-06-29 wildcard9
Marc Gunn going blue??? I never thought that I would hear that. The war is on!! :-)
2008-06-29 giftedgear
On the one hand, fights like this tend to be petty and stupid and I really shouldn't encourage them. On the other hand, this song is awesome! Go Marc!
2008-06-29 Derwood Bowen
Whatever happens, I'm neutral!
2008-06-29 lukeski
WHERE IS COMMISSIONER J.P. TUESDAY WHEN WE NEED HIM?! We need to get this match signed, pronto!
2008-06-29 shoebox
Seeing a Marc Gunn song with an "Explicit" tag near the title makes me think my work may be done here. :)

...or is it?

Either way, I think the "Shut the fuck up, Shoebox" part of this song is totally my new ringtone. Or would be if I didn't have a day job.
2008-06-30 Balder
Well, y'know. What can you say about a cat like ShoEboX?
2008-06-30 peterfump9
That was a good comeback!
2008-07-01 kahnman
Hey Marc, DAvid And I herd You song and it's Great. This is the first time I Heard you Swear in your song To Say What You Think About Shoebox's song. I Laughed my self silly. I will download the song for a future Kahn Man's Comedy Corner show. But Dont Worry as much as I Play shoebox's songs I will not play that one. Great job. Your Fellow Cat Lover The Kahn Man (Tyrone Kahn)
2008-07-02 djseamus
I have been away from the Fump for a while and what do I find upon my return? A feud I never thought would happen. I must say I'm neutral for most popular rivalries: Red Sox vs. Yankees, Coke vs. Pepsi, paper vs. plastic, boxers vs. breifs.....but I must confess that I am on Marc's side whole-hearted-ly. I am a cat-lover and I have been one for many years. Cats, unlike dogs need nothing more then a food dish, litter box, enough space to run and hide, and human companionship. Cats are cool. I have been a big Marc Gunn and Brobdingnagian Bards fan for many years now too. The Bards are as cool as cats....though I may be persuaded otherwise if Shoebox could write another song on the same level that "Hair on the Soap" was....clearly this is my favorite Worm Quartet song. I say "Marc Gunn for Fump President '08"!
2008-07-02 davidtanny
I'd like to play that one on my podcast if you could come up with a version without the swear words, and introduce the song to let the listeners know why you wrote the song. I'd like to play it, but on my podcast, I can't say fuck or shit or anything like that on my show. :-(
2008-07-03 Flyingtartufo
Uhh.... I think you took it a little to hard
2008-07-09 ProjectSisyphus
Clever comeback! I like the feel change at the end, when Marc's voice gets all gravelly and sounds like he's about to spew a hairball. Mineral oil for you, big guy.
2008-07-09 jimmyknocker
Shoebox got PWN'D!
2008-07-13 rick cormier
I guess it's true, bands and pussy just don't mix.
2008-07-16 Angela
This is flippin' sweet! Way to burninate that Worm Quartet!
2008-07-16 Spaff.com
The world needs more profanity-laced rants sung to autoharp melodies. Just sayin'.
2008-07-17 leapetra
Marc, don't worry about Worm Quartet, he could never top any of your classics. Besides if it gets really serious, bring out that ballad you wrote about murder. I can't remember the name of it, but I heard it on your podcast.
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