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the great
Luke Ski
No Sleep Till Babylon 
In my continuing efforts to be a Jack-of-all-trades of geeky fandom, I present a song that my fans would probably agree is about a decade late. It is a parody of the old school Beastie Boys classic "No Sleep Till Brooklyn", making it to the best of my knowledge, the first rap song ever recorded on the subject of the criticly acclaimed and fan-beloved science fiction TV series, "Babylon 5". Music by Possible "You Pay, We Play" Oscar, with an 'explicit' cameo by Seamonkette, whose real name is Christen, not to be confused with Claudia Christian. Then again... Anyway, special thanks to them and to all of my friends who opened my eyes to this wonderful program. If you don't understand the song, all I have to say to that is, "understanding is a three edged sword". So go Netflix it already, and you'll be rockin this party 8 days a week!

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2008-06-10 Alchav
This is my favorite Luke Ski song.
2008-06-10 PodCulture
Damn funny man!
2008-06-10 saganth
Oh. My. GOD. Luke, the Farce is definitely with you!
2008-06-10 saganth
Oh. My. GOD. Luke, the Farce is definitely with you!
2008-06-10 Demetrius
Great song, LukeSki! B5 was the best show on TV (until Farscape...) You should have had a cameo by one of the Barnes (Fish Heads) boys. ...If *only* one of them knew anything about the show.
2008-06-10 wildcard9
Wow, this song just instantly jumped into my Top 5 Luke Ski songs list. Now I want to watch the series again, where are my DVDs?
2008-06-10 Carrie Dahlby
Old school Beastie Boys parody ftw!!
2008-06-10 CaptNova
Luke when I first heard your song I thought it wasn't your best, but I heard it again and I have to take that back.
2008-06-10 Insane Ian
So THIS is why you posted that YouTube video about "sex the human way" a few weeks back. Brilliant, sir...
2008-06-11 Hurricane
This song made my day- Rock on Luke Ski!!
2008-06-11 dino-mike
I have never seen an episode of the show... so I have no idea what you're singing about... but it sounds way cool.
2008-06-11 djseamus
You've never seen Babylon 5, Dino-Mike? Well, since I've never played Dungeons and Dragons I guess we're even now. And Lukeski - congrats on another Fump posting...I don't know what the Fump would be without you...probably less enlightening for us fans of the world of sci-fi and fantasy. I shall post anbother comment after I hear the hot new luke-ski rap "joint" in the words of Spike Lee.
2008-06-11 davidtanny
Good song. Never say Babylon 5. Was a Baywatch freak during the time.
2008-06-11 davidtanny
Oops. Say should have been saW. Typo.
2008-06-12 coderjo
Great song, LukeSki. I especially liked the bit of Spoo (parody of "Girls") at the end.
2008-06-12 seamonkey
Aside from that Furrie thing which will NEVER get out, this is the best use of my wife I've experienced in quite some time! You ARE the king of geeky fandom....
2008-06-13 dement1a
Love it, love it, love it. Of course I'm a B5 fan from way back, so that doesn't hurt. I agree with Coderjoe, the spoo bit at the end made me squee.
2008-06-13 giftedgear
I have never actually seen B5, but I would just like to say that the "party for the right to fight" line is pure genius.
2008-06-15 peterfump9
Actually, Public Enemy came up with the phrase "party for your right to fight"
2008-06-16 Knarf
Whoever said it first, it worked perfectly as a twist on the Beastie Boys classic song title "Fight for your right to party!"
2008-06-29 artpaul
This might make a good song to parody ? What do you think of no sheep til Jerusalem ? Maybe not. Now I feel sorry I wrote this.
2008-08-21 HensonFan50
How about no sleeping in Pink Pants?
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