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Rob Balder A Song About a Train This song contains language that may be objectionable to some listeners and may not be suitable for radio broadcast.
This is a folk song, in the tradition of Alice's Restaurant. Say what you like about it, but if you find yourself about to comment in defense of a certain condiment, you might want to listen to the song one more time.

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2008-05-30 madmanOTL
I can say I've tried it once too. Felt exactly the same. Great song.
2008-05-30 stalker
fan fuckin tastic you rock balder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2008-05-30 shoebox
I love how deceptively angry this song is, and of course the unexpectedness of the big twist. Beautiful mindfuckery. -=ShoEboX=-
2008-05-30 devospice
*stands and applauds*
2008-05-30 djseamus
In the words of Ronald Reagan: "Ketchup is a vegetable"....that's all I got until I can hear this song...which I anticipate will folk my socks off!
2008-05-30 lukeski
Dude, this may be the most brilliant track you've ever created. I hope Dr. Demento gives it a spin, after adding a bleep or two. Bravo.
2008-05-30 Spaff.com
And the President's ride is called AF1. Just sayin'.
2008-05-31 Derwood Bowen
Well... that's different. You know, until this song, I would never have thought to put A1 on a hamburger!
2008-05-31 davidtanny
I put A1 on things I can't discuss here. ;-)
2008-05-31 happyskunk
Freckin AWESOME Ride the bullshit train.. i bust out laughing and they had to came and make sure i wasn't dieing
2008-06-01 filkertom
Fourteen levels of win, at least.
2008-06-02 dlunas
That was damned good...I guess there's nothing else I can say.
2008-06-02 dement1a
Amazingly well done. Or medium rare. Or something. I loved it. :)
2008-06-05 squirreludecker
i just got to thinking. the Burger King "Loaded Steakhouse Burger" comes with A1 steak sauce on it unless you specify otherwise. and it IS very nasty
2008-06-13 darkNES
This is amazing.
2008-06-17 BrianX
Sad, but awesome.
2008-06-25 benmj
Great song, and so true! Get this- I just saw an A1 commercial featuring... you guessed it... A1 on a hamburger. The biggest difference was that this one just sort of went off of the premise that A1 is the greatest thing ever, no bullshit fake logic included. Perhaps they believe people are getting stupider over time.
2008-07-30 AiYume
Just listened to this song again on my playlist and it's still full of awesome.
2016-05-15 Tzahnke
No one even brought up the fact that this song is set to a musical composition called "Long Train Great Plain" by an unknown composer. I was listening to classical and stock music last night or the night before, and Long Train Great Plain came on, and I said, "Hey, Balder used that!" Am I the only classical/stock music geek on this site who recognized that?
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