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TV's Kyle The Sacred Cheese 
Yay! My inaugural FuMP! It's about... umm... not being allowed to eat cheese. A handful of you may recognize the accordion thingee at the end as the haunting Sluggi theme from my flash cartoon, Spookycube. This song is totally not on my current album, "Let's All Do The Guk Guk Guk", though a bunch of good songs are. www.TVsKyleband.com

This song is now available on the following CDs:
2008-07-01 garnsr
Hooray, TV's Kyle is a FuMPer! Definitely the best of the Sideshowers.
2008-07-01 JakeWaters
WOW, it's TV's Kyle! Glad to see you on the front page of the The FuMP!
2008-07-01 MrTuesday
Congratulations on being "promoted" to main page status.
2008-07-01 DJ Particle
Congrats on your first main FuMP! ^.^v
2008-07-01 oddaustin
Congratulations, TV's Kyle is awesome!
2008-07-01 Derwood Bowen
I knew sometime the FuMP would have to promote you up here! Well done!
2008-07-01 Spaff.com
Hey Kyle. Condolences on your demotion from Sideshow to main stage. You realize, of course, that this makes you subject to expletive-filled musical rants from other FuMPers. If I were you, I would make sure that your next song has nothing whatsoever to do with Kitty Cats. Heh heh.
2008-07-01 Balder
The FuMP's the Internet's TV's Kyle, ladies and gentlemen! A man with something to prov. I port salut you, sir.
2008-07-01 TVsKyle
Thanks for the warm welcome everyone! Spaff gets Bonus Points
2008-07-01 peterfump9
Congratulations on your main FuMP status and thanks for another cheesy song.
2008-07-01 lukeski
This genuine Wisconsin Cheesehead approves of your Cheese song. Praise be to the Sacred Cheese, and to Kyle of the Television, amen.
2008-07-02 devospice
One of the first phrases my daughter learned to say was "more czeese?"
2008-07-02 CaptNova
I knew all that work in the minors would pay off. Kyle congrats on your call up to the Majors.
2008-07-02 davidtanny
Good song Kyle.
2008-07-02 shoebox
Personally, I'm lactose intolerant, so I wouldn't have this problem. But nonetheless, very very very fun song. Much enjoyment, and much congrats on your FuMPitude! -=ShoEboX=-
2008-07-03 mattingly
You wrote edam song about cheese? It's finally aged enough to be gouda nuff for the main FuMP!
2008-07-03 happyskunk
congrats, and... I f'n LOVE this song!
2008-07-04 djseamus
Awesome song with some awesome accordion work, kyle. Congrats too on getting the main page too. And Luke and all from Wisconsin: sure you've got good cheese, but everyone knows only Vermont has SACRED cheese. Kneel before Vermont and the Holy Legion of Cabot!
2008-07-04 djseamus
International award-winning Cabot Creamery, that is. :^)
2008-07-13 rick cormier
Congrat on your promotion to the Main Stage! I am still chuckling at this one.
2008-07-16 ProjectSisyphus
Hey great tune, and welcome to the FuMP! We Port-Salut you!
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