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the great
Luke Ski
The Chainsaw Juggler 
I closed the MarsCon 2008 Dementia Smackdown concert by performing a cover of the original version of the song "The Chainsaw Juggler" by the Four Postmen. Not only was this song the #1 song of 1999 on "The Dr. Demento Show", but it is also possibly the greatest comedy song of the past decade. With the approval of the mighty mailmen themselves, I now present my studio version of the song, featuring cameo appearances by Art Paul Schlosser, Carrie Dahlby, The Consortium of Genius, DJ Particle, the Gothsicles, Hot Waffles, Possible Oscar, Power Salad, Raymond and Scum, Rob Balder, Robert Lund, Seamonkey, Sudden Death, Throwing Toasters, Tom Smith, Whimsical Will, Worm Quartet, and Wyngarde. Rock out, dude.

This song is now available on the following CDs:
2008-04-06 Alchav
This is awesome.
2008-04-06 MarlinsGirl
Awesome, hysterical song. I enjoyed Art Paul's line at the end.
2008-04-06 MrTuesday
Unbelievable lineup. A who's who of modern day dementia. And a classic dementia song at that. "Full of win" doesn't begin to describe this.
2008-04-06 wildcard9
Having been there for the performance, I love having a copy of the recording to enjoy all over again.
2008-04-06 STrRedWolf
I think you were struggling with the regular lines, there, Luke. If my ears are telling me correctly, the various bits were alternated between the two major Postmen in the original song. Still, great way you brought everyone else in. If you and another person (Rob Balder, maybe, or Tom Smith) did the main lines it would be even better.
2008-04-06 Carrie Dahlby
FTW! Best Dementia All Star recording EVAR!
2008-04-06 Pooh Bear 27
I don't comment often, but I have to say I find this one of the best tributes around. WOW! You said you had permission, how did they like it? Awesome lineup. Really loved the extended ending. Hell the whole think kicked major arse!
2008-04-06 DJ Particle
Thank you, Luke, for letting me be a part of that! :) I feel really honored! :) *hughugs* It came out great!
2008-04-06 Angela
Holy smokes, all my favorite Dementia artists in one song! *head explodes* I especially love the ending.
2008-04-06 devospice
Pooh Bear, we sent the Postmen an early mix of the song and their exact words were "FuMP on!"
2008-04-06 LoonieBin
I love the Wilhelm Scream stuck in there.
2008-04-07 samuel_whyte
this song is win.
2008-04-07 djseamus
Wow - this must be the cameo to end all cameos! You just keep trumping your previous efforts, don't you Luke Ski? What's next, a Fump theme song?
2008-04-08 davidtanny
2008-04-08 jimmyknocker
My mom was right here when I was listening to this song, and she just shook her head in disbelief saying, "It's some kind of movie." I think she may have confused it with "Texas Chainsaw Massacre". Me, I just laughed.
2008-04-08 saganth
In the words of Sam the American Bald Eagle from the Great Muppet Caper, "You are all WEIRDOS!" But my kind of weirdos!
2008-04-08 zefuldar
A Magnificent Oedipus of Mayhem
2008-04-10 chewy's brother
2008-04-11 seamonkey
I agree with Loonie, when I heard the Wilhelm scream I lost it! Thanks for including me Luke! It's awe-inspiring that an artist of your dementia caliber (or is it "cow lip fur"?) includes the lil' ol' Seamonkey I get all blushy in my pants. A fine job by all! Iime for a Bobby Jimmy and the Critters tribute next? Anyone? Anyone? Spice? Oh c'mon... ANYBODY?
2008-04-11 seamonkey
... oh, and that's COMMA (,) "I get all blushy in my pants"... AND "TIME for a Bobby Jimmy...", not Iime, or Lime, or even Leann Rimes. So I'm sorry for my oh so distracting typos and long-winded correction comments. Heck, if'n I keep going I'm gonna have to print an apology next, then a retraction!
*Shut up, Seamonkey, SHUT UP... you ALWAYS do this... talk too much and distract from the GREATNESS of Luke Ski while making yourself look like a freakin' BOOB!!!
But I like boobs...
SEE? You just did it again!! God, man! Shut yer babbling finger-holes already!

Aside to Luke: On the BRIGHT side, this shows as one more comment! You're KILLING in that category!! I love you.
2008-04-11 raymondandscum
This turned out great! Please do not cancel my FuMP subscription!
2008-04-12 djseamus
Wow, so many awesome, randomn images in this song to think about....where's a fump fan to begin? Well, the Fump Core team did a great job, and hat's off to the "auxiliary" fumpers, if that's the correct nomenclature....nomenclature....that's a funny word isn't it? Nomenclature, nomenclature, nomenclature! Anyway, you guys rule the comedy charts! I wish you great success and plenty of moola (money)....which is another funny word. Moola, moola, moola! He, he!
2008-04-12 Spaff.com
Wow. And, additionally, Wow.
2008-04-13 Balder
If you keep winning the Tour de Force like this, we're going to start testing you for performance-enchancing drugs. Like bacon. :)
2008-04-20 happyskunk
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