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Project Sisyphus Wake Me Up When This Math Class Ends 
With school back in session, the attention-deficit plagued slow learners at Sisyphus Remedial Continuation School thought it was time to unleash this educational ditty, a parody of Green Day's "Wake Me Up When September Ends." Wally Wingert stars as our lead slacker.

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2008-02-19 A-Log
Funny stuff, Sisyphus. I've been there at that situation myself, since I stink at math. Nice props on getting Wally Wingert ("Adam West" fame) an appearence. Kudos!
2008-02-19 dino-mike
This is a spot on parody at it's finest!!! Freakin' awesome, I'm gonna listen again!
2008-02-19 wildcard9
Great spoof!! Spot on for the cover and the lyrics.
2008-02-19 weirdojace
Another high quality song parody from Project Sisyphus! Good job!
2008-02-19 LoonieBin
Great at first, but I don't know how it ends, I keep nodding off...
2008-02-20 TakeruSTakomi
Reminds me of my days in math, but instead of sleeping I was drawing. Great stuff as always, guys!
2008-02-20 filkertom
Laughed out loud. Good work, guys!
2008-02-20 LoonieBin
Wait..."With school back in session?" Back from what? This past weekend?
2008-02-20 Spaff.com
You make me wish there were a higher grade than
2008-02-20 peterfump9
Actually I did very well in math but I liked the song anyway. :-)
2008-02-21 ProjectSisyphus
Thank you all! This song was actually my daughter's idea, inspired by months of freshman algebra and Kumon. A-Log: Wally is a riot to work with, a hyperactive master of character voices.
2008-02-21 Derwood Bowen
I was never this way since I'm actually a math major at Capital.
2008-02-21 Derwood Bowen
But good song anyways!
2008-02-23 Angela
This song gives me scary math class flashbacks! This is fantastic.
2008-02-25 seamonkey
*snirk* oh... uh... wha?... Damn, left a puddle of drool on my desk again!
Nice job PS, when the crazy fade-out happened I looked at my mp3 player and then laughed out loud at the "nodding off" effect there! Much better than "Wear a Cup on Your Member, Friends". (no, I WASN'T actually going to do that as a song)
2008-02-26 djseamus
Sure, math class is tough...but just try taking college level Introduction to Philosophy at 8:00am on a Friday morning during a snowstorm. Project Sisyphus delivers the goods yet again and gets an A++!
2008-02-26 davidtanny
I'll tell you what I think of your song, aftermath. :-)
2008-02-27 ProjectSisyphus
Thanks, FuMP FrIENDS, for your support! Seamonkey-glad you liked the fade. We did that because originally we recorded the entire song, including the Really Boring Guitar Solo, and then realized, "what the $#@ were we thinking?"
2008-04-08 Chimidoro
True story: This is one of the few sites that isn't blocked on the computers at my school. I listened to this 7 times in my math class before the teacher noticed. Thank you for the only song that makes quadratics interesting!!!!
2008-04-25 elokkin
First of all, thanks for un-ruining an awful, awful, overplayed whiny ballad. Second, definate math flashbacks going on. Anything above Algebra II just didn't happen for me. Third... You got THE Wally Wingart? Voice of Tallest Red? I'm frakin' nerding out over here! That's awesome!
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