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Power Salad Hold On, I've Got To Take This 
"Possibly the most beautiful song ever written about a cell phone being shoved up an orifice." - Craig Marks. An ELO pastiche. Lyrics by Craig Marks. Music, production, acoustic guitars, electric bass, cello, synthesizer, vocoder and all vocals by Chris Mezzolesta.
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2008-02-08 Hurricane
I really do love the acoustics in this song- this is what I'd label classy/funny: the music is truly first rate material, and the topic is just unbelievable XD Go Power Salad!!
2008-02-08 dino-mike
Haha, I really dig this tune. Just what Ive come to expect from Power Salad. Keep up the good work.
2008-02-08 djseamus
It's been a while since I've posted a comment here on the main page but since I have cell phone myself and sometimes I wish I didn't I thought I'd post something here. It's ages since I've heard a Power Salad tune and I've missed them. "Wasted Space Oddity" was awesome. I will give this one a listen for sure when I get home from work. Im havin' Power Salad for dinner! Pass the dressing!
2008-02-08 seamonkey
This is EXACTLY what I wanted to hear today. This is true Power Salad majesty!! I absolutely love this song, it puts all the salads I toss out there to shame (oooh, could've phrased that better... no, wait, I couldn't have).
In eBay style rating I give this A++++++++++++++++++++++++++++, would do business again!
2008-02-08 EMC
2008-02-08 TakeruSTakomi
Uh....ok... *downloads* Really funny stuff, guys. Great job!
2008-02-09 Cosgrove
ELO, I... I thought this day would never... you win! You win! Thank you.
2008-02-09 djseamus
Wait, are you trying to do ELO, or David Bowie? No matter, great song Chris and Craig and awesome cello work Chris. Very timely lyrics Craig. Hold on, I've gotta go back and listen to other Power Salad tracks in the Archives!
2008-02-11 shoebox
Ohhhhh that beautiful final pun just clinches the deal for me on this one. Excellent stuff. -=ShoEboX=-
2008-02-12 czwrefsteven
Another Power Salad classic!!! Thanks Chris!
2008-02-14 ProjectSisyphus
Truly, the most beautiful song ever written about...well, you know. Is this an ELO parody or original? Great tune...gotta go look up "pastiche" now...
2008-02-14 PowerSalad
Hi all, and thanks for the kudos...It's a style parody on ELO, not a direct parody of a particular tune, just what I've absorbed in over 30 years of listening to ELO. Enjoy!
2008-02-20 Spaff.com
More applause. I'm continually stunned by the stylistic breadth of Power Salad. I picked up the CD "Sweat Equity" at Con on the Cob and it's grrreat. Go buy it, everyone, while you're waiting for "Cinnamony Sea Anemone."
2008-09-04 voiceroy
Chris posted a preview of this on voice123 a while back and I loved it even though I'm only vaguely familiar with ELO. It's just a funny concept and executed brilliantly. Well done, Power Salad.
2011-11-09 Regel Gumm
You've managed to channel Jeff Lynne and he isn't even dead. Well done.
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