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the great
Luke Ski
Jack Bauer This song contains language that may be objectionable to some listeners and may not be suitable for radio broadcast.
Chuck Norris is a sissy. A dainty little thin mint selling third grade girl. You know it, I know it, and most importantly, Keifer Sutherland knows it. "Jack Bauer" is my long overdue to tribute to everybody's favorite defender of homeland security. It features Carrie Dahlby as Chloe Obrien, and a suprise cameo by "24" superfan Ken Sherlock, that is so suprising that even he didn't know what he was recording it for. So, in lieu of a new Season this January, here's a cliffhanger club-banger. Enjoy, DAMMIT!

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2008-01-04 devospice
Son of a bitch! That was great, dammit!
2008-01-04 filkertom
I thought this was okay leaning toward pretty good, until I got to 5:35 and started laughing my ass off. Very good, Luke! And excellent delivery, Ken and Carrie!
2008-01-04 Voice of Kiki
"Never before has right-wing propganda Disguised as entertainment kicked so much ass!" Brilliant. Maybe I should start watching this show. Good job. Yay for Ken cameo, too.
2008-01-04 djseamus
Ummm Luke, I'd be carefull what you say about Chuck Norris. You do know he doesn't have a chin, right? It's only another fist... no foolin'! I mean he came down from the clouds and kicked Indiana Jones in the crotch in Lemon Demon's "The Ultimate Showdown..." Gotta watch out for C.N., man I'm sure you're new rap number I is good here...can't wait to hear it after I get home from work.
2008-01-04 chewy's brother
Why chuck norris (that's right he doesn't desrve capital letters) is weaker than Jack Bauer #3.141592647: This song!
2008-01-04 chewy's brother
Oh! And chuck DOES NOT have 2 Emmy's for which to beat people with. Jack does.
2008-01-04 djseamus
True, but Chuck Norris can strangle you with a cellular phone. (sorry for all of the chuck norris jokes but they are out there if you just know where to look).
2008-01-04 Fringe
Great new song!
2008-01-04 Molakwae
Good song. Just as a side note: Aren't Emmy's too small to use as blunt weapons?
2008-01-04 djseamus
I've finally heard this and I like it. I've never seen "24" but I am now thoroughly convinced Jack Bauer could kick Chuck Norris so hard that Chuck's children's children's children would be born without teeth. And you sound parched Luke; I think you need that cold glass of water you sang about.
2008-01-04 Janny
"Just as a side note: Aren't Emmy's too small to use as blunt weapons?" Actually, they weigh several pounds apiece, and stand over a foot high. Plenty heavy to cause blunt-force trauma, if you care to use it that way.
2008-01-04 Carrie Dahlby
Nice job! Love the 24 stuff. Ken's appearance is my favorite part. ;) As for being the one to point out how often Jack says "Dammit": you're welcome. ;P
2008-01-04 Balder
Luke, I sometimes have trouble when you parody something I haven't seen. But this is hilarious. Many laughs in here.
2008-01-06 Spaff.com
What Balder said. "He makes Maxwell Smart look like Michael Scott" - heh heh.
2008-01-08 Hurricane
In a word: Explosive! In two words: Very Explosive!! Nice work Luke ^_^
2008-01-08 Derwood Bowen
Remind me to start watching TV so I can understand your songs better!
2008-01-09 marcgunn
I have yet to see an episode of 24, but that was fantastic! Great job, Luke!
2008-01-15 robin_the_spiffy
neither have I seen an episode of 24 but I have seen it parodied on so many shows. even sesame street!
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