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Funny Ha Has - An Insane Ian Update 8/26/14

Hey there friends! Time for another email update from your ol' pal Double I! So much awesome to talk about! Check out the headlines!

-=TWO new songs!=-
-=Album Pre-Order=-
-=Reviewsicals News=-

Let's dig in, shall we?

-=TWO new songs!=-

That's right, in just as many weeks, II has released two new songs! A week ago last Sunday, the 17th, he released "Rocket and Groot", his "Guardians of the Galaxy" themed parody of the classic Beatles tune "Rocky Raccoon", which is available now at both the FuMP ( http://www.thefump.com/fump.php?id=1831 ) and Bandcamp ( http://insaneian.bandcamp.com/track/rocket-groot ), with the Bandcamp version featuring a cover image by Michael "Baron Von Sexyful" Bracco of Baltimore's own Super Art Fight. The single is coming soon to other digital music sites like iTunes, Spotify and more, and features music performed by Nuclear Bubble Wrap, and was mixed by Ian's pal Bonecage!

Next, released today, is a VERY exciting track, as it is not only the title track for II's upcoming next full-length album, but it also features a guest appearance by the lead singer of Ian's favorite band! Chris Ballew of The Presidents of the United States of America sings the chorus to "Internet Famous", Ian's tongue-in-cheek self-deprecating cry for fame in a world controlled by online entertainers! Produced by nerdcore uber-producer Klopfenpop, you can download the song now at the FuMP here: http://www.thefump.com/fump.php?id=1818

And please be sure to request one or both tracks on the Dr Demento show at http://drdemento.com/request and please include your email so they can be counted towards the monthly Top Ten!

-=Album Pre-Order=-

While you listen to the new track at the FuMP, you may notice that we said it is the title track to II's NEXT ALBUM! That's right! "Internet Famous" (the album) is almost done, and due out at the beginning of November! Why are we taking pre-orders so early? Well, rather than doing a Kickstarter to raise money to fund the production of the CD for this album, we're just going to let the sales of the pre-orders be used to fund the manufacturing of the CDs instead. That means, the CDs themselves will be really limited edition, so we're making them REALLY special...

"Internet Famous" will be available in two formats. Regular edition download, or Limited Edition THREE DISC SET. The regular edition is just the standard album, with none of the tracks from the bonus discs. The limited edition features the main album, and two bonus discs, "IanPlugged" (tentative), and "Ianstrumentals". For all the details and tentative track listing (we say tentative as we are still waiting on confirmation of some guest appearances from certain nerdcore artists) as well as where to place your preorders, head on over to Bandcamp NOW!


Please note: The Artwork that is displayed currently is for the SINGLE of Internet Famous. The album artwork is not yet displayed, as II is still in negotiations with an artist for the cover. We have an artist lined up and we are certain gaming and nerdcore fans will recognize his work.

-=Reviewsical News=-

So, with the new studio album...what about the Reviewsicals? Well, don't worry, those are still happening. In fact, they may be coming a lot faster now. See, before..Ian was trying to do them by himself while his producer Ben was on hiatus. With Ian trying to wrangle other people to do the music, he had no time to do the videos (or he was in a play, or...other stuff). Now, Ben's almost got his new studio done, so hopefully that means more studio time. Only time will tell, so we'll keep you all posted about that soon...especially the backers! Sorry for the delays, but there's at least one or two new songs with videos coming soon...as Ian has vacation days from the dayjob coming soon!

That's all this time! Thank you all for the love and support over the years, and despite the whiny-ness of the songs, it's all in good fun, and I wouldn't be where I am with out any of you. Thank you. See you next time!

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