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MySQL vs. Microsoft SQL Server?

Greetings fellow programming type people.

Anyone out there who has worked with both MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server, can you please answer the following questions? I've worked with MySQL for years, but managed to successfully avoid MS's version until tonight.

1. Are there any syntax differences?
I'm really only going to be doing 1 call- a SELECT call- and then getting the data to spit back out at the user. Will this syntax still work?

SELECT * FROM doctors WHERE code = "123456789"

or did Microsoft do something stupid to the SELECT syntax?

2. How does one administer the database?
With MySQL I'm used to using PHPMyAdmin to handle setting it up and dealing directly with the data. Does Microsoft's have something similar? And if not, how would I go about importing a 1000-line Excel file into the database?

3. Are there any "gotchas" that I may need to be aware of when working with MS's version.

I'll be doing all the heavy lifting in PHP, so I'm in familiar territory there at least. The client doesn't have (or more accurately doesn't want to spend) a lot of money on this job, but of course it needs to be done right away, so if I'm in for a nightmarish experience I'd like to know ahead of time.



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