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I’m a baaaaaaaaad boi…..

Originally published at Power Salad. You can comment here or there.

Hey, yeah I know it’s bean a while! Lots of things going on and sometimes out and out laziness, but your Salad is ON THE JOB!

I continue to SHOUTcast it from the rooftops every Tuesday night on Dementia Radio with “Power Salad’s Cream Cheese Library”, 2 hours of nuggets from my collection each week…also I’ve been working on the railr—-er, my recording booth and I do believe all the kinks are worked out (not to mention some yardbirds and dave clark fives.)

I-CON was a lot of fun back in April, having dinner with ShoEboX of Worm Quartet while a lounge band pumped out the cheezy hits, late night snackies and weirdness with Devo Spice and his dad, trotting out the dementia for new friends, and a whole mess of seeing family and old friends. Mrs Salad and the crouton joined me at the end of the weekend and we spent the remainder of the week “doing” Lawn Guyland as well as a glorious day in Manhattan, during which we took in a Disney show on Broadway and had pizza at the *first* pizzeria in the US, Lombardi’s in Little Italy. Yo.

So now my sights are set on Iron City, as I will be performing at the Mensa Annual Gathering in Pittsburgh on July 4th at 730pm. Wanna thank W Randy Hoffman for hipping me to the opportunity, because it means not only will I be once again performing alongside my demented buds Rob Balder and ShoEboX (Worm Quartet), but I will be ending my show just in time to catch the weekend’s keynote presentation by the one and only Dr. Demento!! I haven’t seen the good Doctor in person since 2000 at ALCON 2000 in Chicago, so this should prove to be a great weekend. Then later in July I will be back in the Pittsburgh area for CONfluence, with many other performers including the geek-rock of Toyboat, with Eric Coleman, who inspired me to go ahead and buy a Roland Handsonic drumpad - teehee….

The next Power Salad FuMP is scheduled for the end of July, so I will be frantically writing and recording in the meantime - what’ll it be? Who knows….there are a couple of idears on the drawring bawd, but now that my equipment scenario appears to be settled, recording should be easier and sound better. Stay tuned!!

So then to recap: I-CON win, Mensa Yikes!, CONfluence soon, DementiaRadio Ridiculous, and Salad BUY!!!!!!

Thanks for reading and catch you all soon!

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