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Power Salad at I-CON this weekend!

Originally published at Power Salad. You can comment here or there.

Start spreadin’ da noooooooz/I’m leavin’ Thursday/I’m gonna have a FuMPin’ blast/I-CON, I-COOOOOOOON

wow that was pathetic….

Regardless, it should be an uber-fun time this weekend up in Long Island for this year’s I-CON, I will be performing as part of the FuMP round robin concert on Friday night at 7pm along with Devo Spice, Worm Quartet, and Marc Gunn, then while I do not have a timeslot of my own on Friday, I will be on hand to assist with Devo’s and ShoEboX’s sets if need be. Then on Saturday I’ll have a mini-set as part of the Cabaret starting at 8pm and I go on shortly after 10. This is all going on at the Holiday Inn Ronkonkoma, in the Islip Ballroom.

Of course there’s other programming going on also at the Marriott Islandia and at Suffolk County Community College Brentwood campus, including groovy guests such as Sean Aston from Lord of the Rings, and Tory Bellici from Mythbusters.  Check it all out at the I-CON website.

Hope to see lots of you there! We’ll stop at a Roach Coach for a “butt’id roll n cawfee”!

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