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FuMPFest Wrap-Up

I need to give a big thank you to everyone who showed up and helped out at FuMPFest! The event was amazing. Several people told me this was the best FuMPFest ever, so that\’s a good sign.

We did have a lot of things go wrong. We weren\’t able to record the sets in multitrack like we did last year. And Storm-one half of our Guest of Honor duo-fell down a flight of stairs. Despite a broken thumb and likely torn somethingorother in his knee he returned from the hospital in time to put on a fantastic show.

Big thank you to Luke and Ian for helping me plan it, Chris for running sound, Jayekitty for wrangling the volunteers and running Table 27, my father for running the green room and taking Storm to the hospital, the Dorsai Irregulars for providing security, our amazing artists who put on fantastic concerts without exception, and all the fans who came out and celebrated funny music with us all weekend.

We\’ve already started planning for next year. Hopefully we\’ll have dates and guests ready to announce shortly. Stay tuned!

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