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Devo Spice Update - 6/5/2012: NY Funny Songs Fest

Hey everyone,

This is just a quick note to let you know that I will be performing this weekend in New York City at the first annual New York Funny Songs Fest.  I’ll be part of the Friday evening Showcase along with Rob Paravonian, Camille Harris, and more.  That’s at 8:30 at Casa Mezcal.  And I’ll be doing one short song during the 50 Funny Songs Saturday night at 7:00 at Tammany Hall.

I’m including a rundown of the schedule below in case you’re interested in any of the other cool stuff they have going on.  For more information and to buy tickets to any of the events (most are separate admissions) visit http://nyfunnysongs.com.


NY Funny Songs Festival
All shows are $8 online in advance or $10 at the door.  See web site for details.

Thursday 6/7
6:00 PM: It’s Opening Night, Let’s Party

(free food, $3 drinks, raffles, and giveaways)

7:30 PM: It’s Opening Night, Let’s Rock With Laughter  

(Jen Kwok, Rob Paravonian, Jessica Delfino, Mindy Raf, Reformed Whores and Molly Pope)

9:00 PM: It’s Opening Night, Showcase 2
(Barbara Holm, Soce the Elemental Wizard, Killy Dwyer, Ben Lerman, Boris Khaykin.)

11:00 PM: America’s Funniest Comedy Music Videos
(wine and cheese, videos by Adira Amram, Stuckey & Murray and more, live performances by Myq & Micah, Carolyn Castiglia, Killy Dwyer, Rachel Parenta and more)

Friday 6/8
6:00 PM: Books ‘N Hooks
(songs about The Anarchist’s Cookbook by Esther Ku, Schaffer The Darklord and Juliet Jeske)

7:00 PM: A Night of Dirty Songs
(Cock Lorge, Ben Lerman, Jessica Delfino, The Parodivas, and Red Peters)

8:30 PM: Showcase 3
(Rob Paravonian, Devo Spice, Camille Harris and more.)

10:00 PM: Radio Snack: A Comedy Music Showcase
(long running music showcase produced by Ben Lerman and Tim Dimond)

Saturday 6/9
7:00 PM: 50 Funny Songs
(Devo Spice, Insane Ian, Rob Paravonian, Carolyn Castiglia, Esther Ku, Camille Harris, Livia Scott, Jessica Delfino, Boris Khaykin, Red Peters, Rob Cantrell, Hilary Schwartz, Rob Cantrell, Tim Ellis, The Parodivas, Ben Lerman, Mindy Raf, Mel & El, Jen Kwok, Reformed Whores and a lot more.)

11:00 PM: Comedy Karaoke

Sunday 6/10
2:00 PM: Feedback 101 Comedy Music Industry Panel
(Janine DiTullio, Danny Hastings, David Johnston, Lisa Nedermeier, D-Sharp Wilson)

4:00 PM: The NY Funny Songs Awards 2012
(to nominate your favorite comedy musician go here: http://bit.ly/ITJJQS)

6:30 PM: After/Closing Party
(performances by David Carl and more, beer specials, free snacks)

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