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2011-02-25 (0 comments)

Miscellaneous News Updates

We’ve got a few news bits to mention, so let’s get to it!

Two songs on Dementia Top 20

This week we have two songs on the Dementia Top 20 countdown. “Scrollin’” debuted at #17, while “Frogger Is Killing Our Culture” returned to the countdown at #7 after taking a week off. John also got a solo play for his new song “I Know the Secret of the Shake Weight“.

Thank you for your continued support, and keep those votes coming!

The Funny Music Podcast

Jared and Nathan represented the band on the weekly podcast for The FuMP. We talked about our latest single and tried to explain why our appearances on The FuMP have been so sporadic over the last few years. You can listen to the episode here.

E.P. available for advance order

The Long Overdue EP is now available for advance order on CD in our store for the low price of $4.99 + S&H. Orders received before the release date of March 4, 2011 will ship on March 7. Get a jump on your holiday shopping by buying now!

2011-02-22 (0 comments)

P.O. on The FuMP and E.P. Release News

Possible Oscar has finally returned to The FuMP with a single release from our upcoming acoustic E.P. (details below). “Scrollin’” is available now for free for a limited time. Here’s a copy/paste job on the song description from the site:

If you had mad skills in Microsoft Word, you’d brag about them too. This parody of a Limp Bizkit song — I know, I know; but we put our own slant on the music that we think you’ll find more palatable — is written from the perspective of an office Word superstar. Fun Fact: all four members of the band contribute vocal elements to this song.

And now for some E.P. news! The E.P. will be entitled… drum roll… The Long Overdue EP. The title seemed appropriate since we’ve been talking about this thing since August of 2008 when it was originally known as Songs from the Hammock. And here’s the cover:

This E.P. is a collection of acoustic covers (or parodies) and reinterpretations from our catalog. The track list includes:

  • Talk Nerdy to Me
  • Scrollin’ (a parody of “Rollin’” by Limp Bizkit)
  • All Out of Beer (previously released on The FuMP)
  • Living on a Roll and a Prayer (a cover of the song by Hot Waffles)
  • I Kissed Cthulhu (a parody of “I Kissed a Girl” by Katy Perry)
  • Wolverine (Don’t Stop Readin’) (previously released on the FuMP)

We will be releasing The Long Overdue EP on March 4, 2011 at MarsCon 2011. We anticipate it will be available for download in our Bandcamp store on the same date. Expect low prices on both the CD and download — perfect for sampling the band with minimal financial risk.

2011-02-21 (0 comments)

POscarCast 22: Salty Pursuits

The band announces the title and release date of their new acoustic EP.


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2011-02-07 (0 comments)

POscarCast 21: LaserDisc Concert

The band talks about preparing for MarsCon.


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2011-01-22 (0 comments)

“Frogger” Climbs The Chart

Our song “Frogger Is Killing Our Culture” stayed strong in its third week on The Dementia Top 20 countdown climbing to the #3 slot. Thanks for your votes, and keep ‘em coming!

The song was also played on this week’s Dr. Demento Show. Keep sending in those requests if you want to hear the song on the show again.

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