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2012-05-23 (0 comments)

New T-shirt in the Works

Literally years ago, Jared entered the Contagious Graphics Free Stickers Weekly Contest. Weekly emails came and went — again, for years — without any indication that Jared was considered a winner. All of that changed last month when Jared was picked as a winner not of the weekly stickers, but of the big monthly prize of 48 Garage Sale T-shirts! Thank goodness those emails didn’t land in the spam box.

What this means is that we will have a new T-shirt available at CONvergence this year. We’ll get the shirt online for ordering shortly after we get them in stock. Per the parameters of the Garage Sale, the shirts will be in a variety of colors not of our choosing. Pricing has yet to be determined, but given our minimal production costs — not zero since our own time is worth something — we’re betting the price will be a bargain. Here’s a sneak peek mock-up of the shirt as modeled by… oh, let’s call him Sven.

PO Nerdy Skull Shirt

2012-05-09 (0 comments)

Possible Oscar Returns to CONvergence 2012

We are officially booked to perform at CONvergence 2012! Our show is Saturday, July 7 at 8:30PM in Harmonic CONvergence. So blow off the masquerade and check out some live comedy rock music!

As a promotion for the show, we prepared this short commercial.

In addition to YouTube, the commercial will air on the closed-circuit hotel television, dubbed CVG-TV. Look for it throughout the weekend.

2012-04-25 (0 comments)

New FuMP: “Underboob”

We’re back with our second new FuMP release of 2012. This little ditty is called “Underboob”. Here’s the description:

Food. Shelter. Fire. Man requires these things for life. But man also craves another thing that, while not essential for survival, certainly makes the whole struggle a bit easier to endure. We’re talking about boobs. Jugs. Sweater stretchers. There are at least 99 words for them. And all it takes is a little tease to set our imagination in motion.

Give it a listen!

2012-02-28 (0 comments)

Sexy Time Has A New Soundtrack: New Song Released Today

We have a new song out today, and it’s guaranteed to make your intimate moments a bit nerdier. Head on over to The FuMP to download “Get Our Geek On” for a limited time only.

2012-02-26 (0 comments)

POscarCast 39: Sneak Preview

We give you a sneak preview of our new record.


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