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2009-01-23 (0 comments)

Terminal Bar Madcap Recap

Last night’s show at The Terminal Bar was a great time. Possible Oscar with a live rhythm section seems to be a success. Our thanks go out to Nathan and Jeff for pulling this off in such order. We will have to do this again soon.

PO shows often have an odd element or two to them. Here are some of the highlights from last night:

  • We played “Never Gonna Beat This Boss” just as the bartender was playing a Rick Astley-themed game called “Rick Rollin’” on his laptop. Apparently, the bartender posted about it on whatever forum he was on at the time.
  • I tossed aside my tambourine during “All Out of Beer“, destroying my stage beer in the process. I was literally all out of beer. :(
  • One of the bar regulars was drunk and dancing near the stage for most of the electric half of the set. Gus — I’m calling him Gus because I don’t know his name — the old-timer working the front door told me he was going to remove the dancer, but I handled him so well that Gus let him be. Thank you, Gus.
  • Gus told me he thought our band was really good and assumed we had been at it for a while now. We fooled him! He also said that they get some bands at the bar that should — and I paraphrase — go back to the basement to practice more.

The other bands on the bill were also quite entertaining. The Feng Shui Ninjas have great fans and a neat, eclectic sound (slide whistle FTW!). Beth Kinderman & The Player Characters felt tighter than the last time I saw them. I’m not always sure what’s going on, but the sound is dense and interesting, and they are clearly enjoying what they are creating.

Thanks to all our fans who risked a sleepy Friday to come out and see us play. Perhaps we’ll see some of you at our next stop, MarsCon.

2009-01-16 (0 comments)

MarsCon Music Schedule Announced

The final schedule for Dementia music at MarsCon 2009 has been announced! Possible Oscar will be performing at 9:30 PM on Friday, March 6, 2009 on the Main Stage. It’s not to late to go — register today!

The entire schedule is available here.

Take a look at the teaser video for all the acts:

2009-01-08 (0 comments)

Changes To Our Lineup (Don't Be Scared)

Ive been keeping this under my hat for the most part until I felt like it was going to happen for sure. After two solid rehearsals, I think its safe to make the announcement: Possible Oscar will be performing in the near term as a full four-piece band!

We started rehearsals this week with a drummer and bass player, and I dare say things are going very well. Everyone gets along great, and we have fun playing together; I dont see there being any ego clashes. Its quite a thrill to front a rock band. Im also quite excited to be producing all of the instruments live instead of relying on a CD backing track for the bulk of it even if that means I have to learn to play most of the songs on guitar (Okay, I really love that part of it!).

Well be using this lineup for at least the next two shows, the first of which is:

Thursday, 1/22/2009 @ 9:00 PM
The Terminal Bar
Beth Kinderman & The Player Characters
The Feng Shui Ninjas
Possible Oscar

I know its a weeknight, but we hope to see all of you there. Come on, show your local bands some love!

We also plan to perform in this configuration at MarsCon in March. Beyond that, we havent discussed what might happen. My hope is that performing as a full band leads to new creative inspiration, new shows, and world domination.

2008-12-12 (0 comments)

Download The Nick Atoms Christmas Record

Once upon a time, Bud Sharpe and Marshall Stanton were in a little band called The Nick Atoms. That band is no longer with us, but their music lives on in the hearts and minds of those who experienced the band and acquired their recorded legacy.

Sadly, those recordings are no longer available to the general public. However, the band has seen fit to release their groundbreaking holiday album The Nick Atoms Christmas Record on the Interwebs for everyone to enjoy. From The Nick Atoms’ website:

The Nick Atoms Christmas Record is a whimsical take on holiday music. Seasonal standards such as “Winter Wonderland” and “Let It Snow” are given the rock ‘n roll instrumental treatment, while original songs “It’s Christmas Time” and “Kein Weihnachten fur Sie” are destined to become holiday classics.

Christmas time is the season for giving. In that spirit we are offering The Nick Atoms Christmas Record for download. Please enjoy it with family and friends.

You could do worse than spin this record for folks at your holiday gathering. Make sure you go the their website and grab a copy today!

2008-11-17 (0 comments)

November News Bites

The second half of 2008 has been a quiet one for Possible Oscar, but we do have a couple of tidbits to share with you.

Possible Oscar live in January
By mid-January the cold of a Minnesota winter will have tightened its icy grip on the good citizens of the Twin Cities. No doubt all of you will be stir-crazy and anxious for entertainment. Have no fear! Head on down to the Terminal Bar on Thursday, January 22, 2009 for live music! Possible Oscar joins Beth Kinderman & The Player Characters and The Feng Shui Ninjas for another night of geeky music. Details are on our shows page.

Show your love (or hate) on The FuMP
The FuMP.com has just launched its new song rating feature. Every songs is now up for public scrutiny, with the average score displayed as a transient mark of quality. Make sure you stop by and rate all Possible Oscar songs as you see fit; we’re strong enough to handle the truth. Maybe. (be gentle)

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