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2007-10-18 (0 comments)

On the air tonight...

Tonight I'm going to be on the "Darker Side Of The Moon" show somewhere between the hours of 6pm - 10pm Pacific time (8pm to 10pm Central, 9pm to 11pm Eastern) talking about all things "Stupid Teenagers Must Die!". If you have the means, check it out at the following link: http://darkersideradio.com. Thanks!

2007-10-07 (0 comments)

Best Indie Genre Artist/Filmmaker/Entrepreneur...I like the sound of that...

So I'm up for an award from a podcast called "Cult Radio A-Go-Go." "Best Indie Genre Artist/Filmmaker/Entrepreneur!" Pretty sweet -- not sure why I was nominated but I'll totally take it! If you have the time, can you throw a vote my way? If you like "Stupid Teenagers Must Die!", if you like me, if you like people with generic names like Smith...whatever the reason, it would awesome to win something. Cause the only award I have is my "Participant" trophy from little league. And the "golden" baseball player on the trophy is now green. So please vote for "Jeff C. Smith"...Here's the link:


2007-10-01 (0 comments)

Terribly weak

My favorite quote from a new not-so-good review of Stupid Teenagers Must Die!:

"The film is terribly weak in all areas… which means that Jeff C. Smith is terribly weak in all areas since he pretty much handmade this film."

What a nice way to start the week. Or should I say "weak?"

2007-09-25 (0 comments)


2007-09-05 (0 comments)

And, yes, I will sink low enough to have a character in STUPID TEENAGERS MUST DIE! wear this shirt:

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