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2007-12-20 (0 comments)

A new ad from our new international sales rep:

A few months ago, we signed a deal with Echelon Studios making the company Stupid Teenagers Must Die!'s international sales rep. After months of working on everything that goes into preparing a movie for international distribution, Echelon is now "out there" trying to sell STMD! to the world! And here's an ad they recently sent out to buyers. Check out the awesome Echelon version of our DVD art:

2007-11-13 (0 comments)

Chances are a lot of my LiveJournal friends will be asleep by the time the interview starts, but in case you need to use my sooooothing voice as a lullaby...

2007-11-09 (0 comments)


2007-10-25 (0 comments)


A podcast called "Cult Radio A-Go-Go" is presenting awards called "CRAGGYs" to people involved in independent horror and the like and I have been nominated for "Best Indie Genre Artist/Film Maker/Entrepreneur of 2007"! Weird, huh? Anyway, it would be quite fun to win something! The last award I ever got was a "Participant" ribbon in the 3rd grade Speech Meet. So if you have the time and/or desire, click over to http://www.cultradioagogo.com/category2.html and vote for "Jeff C. Smith" (cause that's me!) and make my dream come true. And please do it today or tomorrow (Friday) cause it all ends at midnight (Pacific time) on Saturday. Thanks!

2007-10-20 (0 comments)

STMD! In This Month's Fangoria!

A review of Stupid Teenagers Must Die! appears in this month's issue of Fangoria Magazine and we made out just fine! The biggest complaint seemed to be the new tagline's "warning" that our distributor dreamed up for the DVD cover (which we're in the middle of trying to change for future pressings of the DVD.) So we did good, friends. In fact, Stupid Teenagers Must Die! received a much better review than Snoop Dogg's Hood Of Horror! And that movie has Billy Dee Williams!

You can see a scan of the review right here:


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