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2009-02-22 (0 comments)

Here we go again...

Let the recording begin...

2008-08-26 (0 comments)

Dave White Presents

Tune in on Tuesday, September 2nd to "Dave White Presents" at 7:30pm Pacific/10:30pm Eastern over at http://www.KSAV.org to hear a brand spanking new interview with Raymond And Scum! Listen to all of the audio hilarity as Matthew and I discuss song stealing, our love for Demi Moore, our hatred for ourselves and MORE! And you know if Dave White is presenting this, it's gotta be good!

2008-03-23 (0 comments)

Happy Easter

It's 90 degrees today. I'm just sayin'...

2008-02-15 (0 comments)

STMD! At MarsCon

Sadly, we're screening at the exact same time that Karaoke starts, the same time that Saturday Night Filking starts, the same time as Rob Balder's Web Comics panel...but if you find you're in the mood for a zero budget horror/comedy with excessive violence and gratuitous nudity, STUPID TEENAGERS MUST DIE! will be screening at MarsCon on Saturday the 1st at 10pm. And I will be there to do a little intro or Q&A if people have Q's to A.

So see you kids at MarsCon...

2008-01-24 (0 comments)

STMD! In The OC!

STUPID TEENAGERS MUST DIE! finds its way to legitimate press (If you live in Orange County, California and can find this free newspaper...)


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