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2009-03-30 (0 comments)

Big Update

Hey, friends -

Here's an update for those interested. Lots of projects in the works right now.

Raymond & Scum
We hope you guys got a chance to check out "There Is No Dana, Only Zuul" on The FuMP and hopefully you dug it (even if you didn't know what movie we were referencing or if you were pissed we didn't include id3 tags.) The new song is an acoustic version of what will probably be a "fatter" song on ALBUM III, which we are still working on. We've got two songs finished, four songs very close and several more in the advanced planning stages. This Saturday, Chris Waffle (from a band I can't recall at the moment) will be bringing his bass and his skills to join us on the "very close" to being finished songs.

The Untitled Comedy Music/Dementia Documentary
I have yet to hear from anyone that attended MarsCon this month to see if anybody got any footage for the documentary. If you did, please let me know. This is the kind of project where I'm collecting footage here and there. It could go on forever...but I hope not.

The Big New Movie
The really big news...so big it requires a press release...is "the new movie." For those paying attention (for whatever reason that may be), you know I directed a very low budget horror flick called Stupid Teenagers Must Die! that somehow got distribution and is probably sitting in the "previously viewed bargain bin" at your local Hollywood Video right now. Well, it's time to make another movie and I think it'll be something the folks that follow the Dementia world here on LiveJournal will enjoy. Why? Cause the whole thing takes place at a con. With a party floor. Sound familiar? Read on:



Orange County, CA. - Off Set Pictures, the production company behind 2007’s horror comedy, Stupid Teenagers Must Die!, has announced the development of their next horror film, Everybody Dies at ScaryCon. The film will reunite STMD! director Jeff C. Smith and producer Sara Parrell as well as a majority of the cast. New to the team is producer Jason Marsden, who is currently producing the thriller Locker 13 before cameras start rolling on ScaryCon.

Everybody Dies at ScaryCon centers on a small group of filmmakers that are premiering their zero budget horror movie, Everybody Dies, at a popular horror convention at a hotel in the middle of nowhere. “And, of course, something goes terribly wrong and people start getting hacked to pieces” says Smith, who also wrote the screenplay. When asked how much of the film is autobiographical, Smith simply answers “Some.”

“The exciting part for me on ScaryCon is the cameos we’re lining up. This is a horror convention after all, so we’re gonna fill the place with icons of the genre. If you’ve seen Robert Altman’s The Player, this is the horror movie version of that. We can’t tell you who’s going to be in there just yet as we’re still ironing out the deals, but I think horror fans are going to be very excited once we announce our cast.”

Production dates have not been announced as the producers are still in the process of securing funding. For more information, visit www.offsetpictures.net.

So that's what's going on, LiveJournal friends! I invite you to join the ScaryCon train at all of our online offerings:

MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/ScaryCon
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#/group.php?sid=234da8844695d1ff9fa64712d596f710&gid=59968589735
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/jeffcsmith


2009-03-27 (0 comments)

Update - 3/27/09

So, The FuMP has provided yet another place for us to forget to blog. I guess we can use the opportunity to throw out an update on what we're doing. We'll see how often we keep at this. I wouldn't get my hopes up, blog enthuiasts.

The good news (depending on your point of view) is that we, R&S, are hard at work on Album III. We've got two songs finished, four songs very close and several more in the advanced planning stages. Recording will resume on April 4th with Hot Waffles' legend, Chris Waffle, once again bringing in his bass stylings to help us out. Hopefully, one of those new tracks will pop up on The FuMP very soon.

In non-album-but-still-comedy-music-related news, work continues on the Untitled Comedy Music/Dementia Documentary. I haven't received any contact from MarsCon attendees so I don't know if cameras were rolling or not. If you've got something for the doc, send an e-mail over to jeff *at* raymondandscum.com and let me know! (Or you could just leave a comment right here.)

That's it for now, kids. See you back here in six months.

2009-03-24 (0 comments)

There Is No Dana, Only Zuul

Check out our new song, "There Is No Dana, Only Zuul", that is now posted at The FuMP. And don't cross the streams.

2009-03-20 (0 comments)

New fan video

We don't know the name of the person who created this (their YouTube name is "psygyl"...which makes the imagination go crazy), but they have put together their own video for the live version of "Does This Make Me Gay?"...and we love it! Check it out:

2009-02-23 (0 comments)

Untitled Comedy Music/Dementia Documentary - UPDATE!

When I first came up with the idea of shooting a documentary about the world of comedy music/dementia, I foolishly thought I’d be able to shoot the whole thing myself. But after a year of trying to collect footage from around the country, I’ve come to realize that there is just too much stuff that we’re missing. Last year at MarsCon, I was able to get interviews with some great performers and was able to capture a few concert performances, but there were tons of other musicians and fans I wanted to talk with! I missed a whole day of concerts because I couldn’t be ten places at once. Frankly, I need help.

So we, the makers of this Untitled Comedy Music/Dementia Documentary, are coming to you, the people of the comedy music/dementia community! We want you to help us shoot this documentary!

Click HERE to read what we're looking for!

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