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2010-05-20 (0 comments)

R&S on Facebook

Cause everybody's doin' it. We wanna do it, too. http://www.facebook.com/RaymondAndScum Come do it with us.

2010-03-28 (0 comments)


You loved him as Geek Two in STUPID TEENAGERS MUST DIE! Now enjoy Jonathan Brett on COLD CASE! Tonight, CBS, 10pm! "It's the truth!"

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2010-02-20 (0 comments)

Super value!

Hollywood Video is going out of business and STMD! is still overpriced!

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2009-12-13 (0 comments)

MarsCon 2010

Hey, kids!

The "Untitled Comedy Music/Dementia Documentary" camera will be back at MarsCon 2010! I'm in the middle of working out a schedule to interview the Dementia artists but this year I really want to sit down with the Dementia Radio DJs and Dementia fans as well! If you'd like to be a part of this, please let me know!

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2009-12-05 (0 comments)

Henry Phillips

Interviewing Henry Phillips in two weeks for the comedy music doc. Got any Henry Phillips questions you want answered?

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