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2010-07-24 (0 comments)

One More Minute (Mel Mix)

All we planned on doing was record a cover of "Weird Al's" "One More Minute" for a tribute CD. And then Promo our promotional monkey got a hold of the song and decided to make it "topical." Thanks to Promo, there are two videos below...the uncensored version with plenty of "f" words and "c" words and then the BLEEPED version where you won't suffer through the strong words. Good luck.

2010-07-10 (0 comments)

"What a lovely singing voice you must have..."

The R&S love song from the point of view of Dr. Peter Venkman, "There Is No Dana, Only Zuul", got a mention over at GhostbustersNews.com. Check it out here (and don't cross the streams): http://ghostbustersnews.com/?p=2412

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2010-07-09 (0 comments)

R&S on Twitter

Hey, you on Twitter? Of course you are! There's no way the ancient LiveJournal is your only social networking site! And Raymond & Scum can be found on Twitter for all of your "following" needs. www.twitter.com/raymondandscum. We'll see you there!

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2010-07-03 (0 comments)

Essentially gay

Well, we've made it. A Raymond & Scum song is on an "iTunes Essentials" playlist. Is it a playlist for "Essential Rock" or "Essential Comedy?" Not exactly. We're on a playlist called "iTunes Essentials: Gay Pride Boys." The song, of course, is "Does This Make Me Gay?" from our album, Touch It. What does that mean? It means that R&S are now on the same playlist as Madonna, Donna Summer, Lady Gaga and ABBA. How gay is that? But, seriously, it's pretty cool. We feel very fierce.

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2010-05-20 (0 comments)


Cause everybody's doin' it. We wanna do it, too.


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