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2010-09-03 (0 comments)

R&S: Stayin' classy

Promo the promotional monkey sure likes making videos! And since monkeys traditionally enjoy flinging poo, this one seems like a natural. Check out the video he put together for "The Classiest Song in the World." http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q8eS1GEwjjo

2010-08-22 (0 comments)

"Time With Your Wife"

2010-08-15 (0 comments)

Promo Does Demi Moore

Promo the Promotional Monkey brings you another half-assed, Google image filled video! This time, he's doing our old song, "Demi Moore"...our biggest hit on the Dr. Demento show back when we were relevant! Enjoy!

2010-08-12 (0 comments)

R&S does Demi Moore

Actually, Promo the promotional monkey is responsible for all of this. He's made one of his half-assed, Google-image videos of our song, "Demi Moore." Check it out...and if you have a pair, tweet it to @mrskutcher. Cause that would be awesome.

2010-08-07 (0 comments)

Mel Does Demento

Well, we officially can NEVER predict which of our songs will be played on "The Dr. Demento Show." Our goofy cover of "One More Minute", complete with angry Mel Gibson samples, was played this week on the online version of the show! Who would've thought? You can see the entire playlist here: http://dmdb.org/cgi-bin/plinfo.pl?drd10.0807.html. And remember, you can download the song for FREE on the "Music" page of http://www.RaymondAndScum.com.

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