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2011-03-31 (0 comments)

"Grand Theft Audio"

Insane Ian's new project is underway...but needs funding. It's a CD/DVD Collection entitled "Grand Theft Audio". The Cd portion includes b-sides, rarities and many of the new FuMP releases Ian has posted over the past few months! The DVD portion will include music videos, sketches and more...but we need help! Please check out the site at Kickstarter to see how you can help!

2010-12-31 (0 comments)

The Mad Music Archive top 50 of 2010...WOW...

#43 Welcome To the Last Arcade
#35 We're All Gonna Die feat. Kiki Canon, Devo Spice & Schaffer the Darklord
#32 House!
#29 If I Had A Rocket Launcher with Possible Oscar
#28 (Love Theme From) Asteroids (The Motion Picture)
#26 Rated G Life (Johnny Rotten as a MoFo Version)
#22 The Legend of PRB
#20 Autotune
#18 MvL feat. Odd Austin & TV's Kyle
#16 CosPlaying FanGurls feat. the great Luke Ski
#12 24
#11 Achievement Unlocked
#10 Flight Check feat. Devo Spice
#9 It's Good to Be The king by the great Luke Ski feat. Devo Spice, Insane Ian and Bud Sharpe
#4 Marry'd Lyfe

and the Number One Song of 2010 for the Mad Music Archive Dementia Top 50...

DiG DuG!!!!

Thank you all SO MUCH! This is an AMAZING number of songs to have in ANY countdown, and I'm so honored and proud to be a part of a community that embraces what I do! Thank you ALL for your votes and support, and I hope to keep entertaining you in 2011 as well as I did in 2010!

2010-11-20 (0 comments)

Insane Ian: Undercover

Site update! Check out the newest addition: UNDERCOVER! What could it MEAN? http://www.insaneian.com/undercover

2010-09-17 (0 comments)


Z at HipsterPlease.com was kind enough to review my newest album, "The Last Arcade". I must say...it's probably one of the best reviews of my work I've ever received. Here's a sample:

"Both the parodies and the originals manage to happily co-exist on The Last Arcade. Old favorites like "DiG DuG" sound completely at home in close proximity to joints like "Our Love Song" – a selection that is, perhaps, the most brutally honest romantic ballad of all time."

You can read the whole review here: http://www.hipsterplease.com/2010/09/funny-is-as-funny-does.html

Thanks, Z...

2010-09-14 (1 comment)

Insane Ian Update 9/15/10

Insane Ian Update 9/15/10

Hey everyone! It's been a busy month...so here's news!

-=New Insane Ian song featuring the great Luke Ski!=-

Insane Ian's newest FuMP has been posted! The first new song since the release of "The Last Arcade", this song extols the love we have for the ladies who dedicate so much time and effort into their costumes at conventions. A parody of 'California Gurls' by Katy Perry featuring Snoop Dogg, "CosPlaying FanGurls" is available NOW for free download at http://www.thefump.com/fump.php?id=1339

-=New the great Luke Ski song featuring Insane Ian=-

Luke Ski has posted an AWESOME tribute to the films and works of Mel Brooks as a parody of "Down With The King" by Run DMC feat. Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth over at The FuMP a few weeks ago. "It's Good To Be The King" features the vocal talents of not just Luke Ski, but Devo Spice, Bud Sharpe of Possible Oscar...and Insane Ian! You can still donwload this track for free as well at http://www.thefump.com/fump.php?id=1334

-=Request Insane Ian=-

Last month, Insane Ian's "Autotune" found its way onto the Dr. Demento Top 10 Countdown! Thanks to all who requested the song! If you'd like to keep it on the countdowns (and secure Ian's place in the Funny 25 for the end of the year) make your voice heard at http://drdemento.com/request and tell 'em you wanna hear it (or maybe request 'DiG DuG" again!) You can even leave a voice request!

Speaking of countdowns, Insane Ian has been tearing up the tracks on the weekly Mad Music Dementia Top 20, hosted by The Mad Music Archive. Since the release of "The Last Arcade", practically ALL of the tracks have hit the countdown one week or the next! Thanks to all who vote there! If you'd like to join them, head to http://www.themadmusicarchive.com/top20voting.aspx

-=Live Appearances=-

Insane Ian will be appearing at Graphic Novelty in Fells Point MD on Sunday, Sept. 26th (not Sept. 5th as previously reported) at 5pm. The show will be a first for Insane Ian...not just at this locale, but also it will be the first live performance with the MusicIANs! The show will be an ACOUSTIC performance of II hits, as well as some covers and a new song or two! Don't miss this rare opportunity to see II & the MusicIANs!

-=Job News=-

Insane Ian has a job! Just started on Monday the 13th...too early to tell much more. Training goes on for the next two weeks.

-=Video Game News=-

Just beat Mafia II and will write & post a review soon on ComicMix.com. Still waiting for Spider-Man; Shattered Dimensions to arrive. Damnit.

That's all folks! Thanks for your support!

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