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2009-06-04 (0 comments)

Time For You To Leave

Sadness. [info]filkerdave tells us that the BBC is reporting the death of actor David Carradine. I know some people have their problems with him, but I've always liked the guy.

What are your favorite Carradine roles? Besides the obvious of Kung Fu, I have great love for Circle of Iron. Kill Bill was also pretty fucking cool, and he and Stallone seemed to be having a great time in Death Race 2000.

ETA: [info]ladystarblade points out that there's something weird about this. Suicide? Auto-erotic asphyxiation? Dunno yet.

2009-06-04 (0 comments)

Twenty Years

Since one man stood in front of the tanks. (Video here. It's still amazing.)

No one knows for sure what ever happened to him.

But today, we remember him, and all those who died at the hands of their own government so that their people could be free.

2009-06-03 (0 comments)

David Eddings Passes Away

Sadness. [info]thatcrazycajun informs us that fantasy author David Eddings has passed away at the age of 77.

What's your favorite Eddings novel? I'll admit that I never much got into them, even made fun of them just because he had so many, but a lot of people love his stuff and I should give it another chance.

2009-06-02 (0 comments)


I've just put something new on the web site: an RSS feed, so I can update a little more dynamically. I realize it looks very primitive; I'm hoping to fix it up in the next couple of days. But, by cracky, it's workin'. So, now, you'll know exactly when the web site gets updated from the feed.

Ain't tech grand?

2009-06-02 (0 comments)

Fencon, HyperiCon, DeepSouthCon

First: I've just agreed to be at FenCon this year (on Talk Like A Pirate Day, no less) and next year! (The one problem with this is that I will not be able to attend a friend's wedding that same weekend, which has been happening a little too much this year.) This year's GOHs include Lois McMaster Bujold and my fellow FuMPer Carla Ulbrich, so hey.

Second: FenCon is bidding for the 2011 DeepSouthCon. Voting is this weekend at HyperiCon in Nashville, which you should all get to anyway if you can because Kathy Mar will be there, along with Author GOH Brian Keene, FuMP artist Steve Goodie, and a bunch of others.

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