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2009-06-11 (0 comments)

CHESS In Concert

Next Wednesday on PBS. The day before, a DVD release. Idina Menzel as Florence is enough, man. That right there is enough. Josh Groban as The Russian? Yeah. I'm there.

What's your favorite song from Chess? Any version. The flippant answer is "the whole damn score", and honestly it's a good answer, because the whole damn score is spectacular, and whatever else anyone may ever say about the music of ABBA, Björn Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson created some music that I don't think anyone else could have, and Tim Rice's incredible lyrics make it one of the classic concept albums. Love love love Chess.

2009-06-11 (0 comments)

The Great Health Care Debate

Lots of stuff all over the Intertubes today, culminating of course with Obama's town meeting. Lots of noise from stalwart defenders of corporate profit such as the AMA. But a few people are starting to get the point, certainly what I think is the point.

We don't need different health insurance. We don't need guaranteed health insurance.

We need guaranteed health care.

People have to be able to go to the frickin' doctor when they're sick, the dentist when they have a toothache, the optometrist when they can't see, the psychiatrist when their brain isn't working right.

And then we figure out how to pay for it.

Tell you this: The role of HMOs and insurance companies would dwindle, if not vanish completely. And good riddance.

Health care first.


2009-06-11 (0 comments)

Top Chef Masters

I forgot this was on last night! Oh well -- fortunately, [info]toyouke is still posting his usual detailed summary.

2009-06-10 (0 comments)

WARNING: Re: Religion, Abortion, and Domestic Terrorism -- Tom Fucking Loses It

A couple of posts ago, the one about Terrorism, [info]scifantasy mentioned the flippant use Godwin's Law by people such as Randall Terry. [info]admnaismith noted that "Seems to me the real problem is with the lunatics who see their enemies, not as Nazis, but as "Jews" or "Non-Aryan" and therefore subhuman." [info]mclain143 followed a comment with the subject line, "subhumans?"

The sad fact is, that is EXACTLY what the pro-abortionist crowd does:
By continuosly referring to "the fetus" rather than "the unborn child", they attempt to make killing that unborn child a mere technicality in a pregancy. Nevermind that NO "fetus" born to a human woman has EVER been ANYTHING but HUMAN. From the beginning.

The murder of the doctor is a horrible thing. Not for one minute do I condone it or justify it in ANY way. it saddens me greatly. The killer should pay the maximum lawful price for the crime. But the closure of that clinic is a cause of relief, yes, because that clinic will no longer kill babies. And if you, as Tom, want to shit on my religion by referring to "baby Jebus", or other asshole terms, have at it.
[Emphasis mine].
  • "Baby Jeebus", please. Spelling counts.
  • Also the fact that it is a deliberate and well-known pejorative and denigration of a particular brand of fanaticism counts.
  • Also the fact that, last I checked, we still count birth as starting from the birthday counts.
  • Also the fact that the phrase is "pro-choice", rather than "pro-abortion", counts. If you can't tell the difference, it's recommending abortion as a response to all pregnancies, which is a fucking insane concept, versus allowing a woman to decide whether or not she wishes to carry a pregnancy to term over several months of her life and then have give birth to and raise a child. The latter is a matter of personal responsibility, based on the assumption that a woman is a mature and fully functional human being rather than merely a gestation machine; the former is a construct of people who imagine that the decision to have or not have a child is somehow an easy one.
  • Also the fact that there are doctors who are indeed "pro-abortion" under some circumstances counts. They have this disturbing, untoward concern for the health of the mother; go fig.
  • Also the fact that neither you nor anyone else in the anti-choice movement would've offered one thin dime or hour of your time to actually help raise any "babies" killed there counts. If I am wrong about this, dandy fine dandy -- put your money or babysitting where your mouth is. I'll be happy to apologize -- I'd love to be proven wrong about it. Pardon if I don't hold my breath.
  • Also the fact that I am permitted to use "asshole terms" on my own LJ. I'm an asshole, have been for decades. But I do try to be an asshole on the side of not hurting other people too much. And sometimes you have to make a decision. One of mine is that a grown woman has dibs over a clump of cells growing in her body. Especially if that clump of cells has no chance of surviving outside the womb, and even more so if bearing that clump of cells to term endangers the health of the mother.
  • I have no idea about your religion, and certainly did not intend to shit on yours personally. But, you want to know something? Every time I mention religious crazies, somebody gets on my case or in my face about religion. Several years ago, I deeply offended a good friend who is religious, and I backed off of that for awhile, and honestly it hasn't really helped as I still have to be careful around that good friend. My mom is very religious; I have to be careful around her.

    I am an atheist. No one has to be careful around me.

    They tell me all about this Invisible Man In The Sky who wants me to follow His rules or He will torture me for all eternity after I'm dead. They tell me I have no morals because I don't believe the Invisible Man's threat, and they have no idea how I can stop myself from just going out and committing mass murder because I'm not intimidated by that threat. The Invisible Man also is on the side of our country, even though a number of our enemies insist He's on their various sides. He watches everybody having sex, and He doesn't like the way some people have sex or how much they have sex even though He supposedly created everybody and therefore created how and why and if they have sex. And He hates all that sex so much that He made it the direct and only cause of what people say are the most beautiful things, children. And every single potential child must be born, or He gets horrified and offended, and I thought He was all-powerful but apparently not so much as D&X equipment.
Is that "asshole" enough for you? 'Cause I ain't even warmed up.

2009-06-10 (0 comments)

Up (Spoiler Thread)

So, Anne and I finally saw Pixar's Up last night.

She thought it was very well done, lots of fun, but you could see it all coming and it wasn't emotionally engaging. I agree with the first three points, but it got me where I lived and I cried a lot, especially during the first ten minutes, and think it's in my top 3 Pixar films (I'll have to rewatch Finding Nemo [shucky-darn] to see if it still affects me as strongly).


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