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2009-06-15 (0 comments)

GURPS Vorkosigan

Steve Jackson Games' e23 online warehouse now has the electronic edition of the Vorkosigan Saga Sourcebook and Role-Playing Game (powered by GURPS 4.0).

Any other cool new gaming stuff we should know about?

2009-06-14 (0 comments)

Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3....

To see if I can cross-post from Dreamwidth. If so, this will help keep up on both. (I'll have to get a paid account to crosspost both on this and InsaneJournal.)

2009-06-14 (0 comments)

Social Networking

I was going to go off on Facebook's interface again, but it seems pointless. FB's not going to do anything to improve; they apparently think they're just spiffy dandy peachy keen. I don't know if it's me being too old, too stupid, or -- that most ancient of tech-support problems -- me being not the guy who designed the interface. Fuggit. Everyone's Going To Facebook, and, lemming-like, I follow the crowd over the cliff.

What are your favorite social networks? Anything, immense or obscure. Mine is LJ (dang it, I should start cross-posting to InsaneJournal), with a great fondness for Atrios's blog Eschaton. Daily Kos has a thriving community, although I only brush the edges of it. I get on the Dementia Chat once or twice a week. I don't socialize much on MySpace, but I'm certainly there. And I should do more with LinkedIn.

2009-06-14 (0 comments)


If you're planning to attend Construct-A-Con in Ann Arbor the weekend of Aug. 21-23, I'm planning a concert. Except I'm not really planning it. You are.

2009-06-12 (0 comments)

Off To Duckon

One of the best filk conventions that isn't actually a filk convention. And all-stars from online! [info]cadhla, [info]vixyish and [info]tfabris, [info]hsifyppah, [info]musicmutt and dammit I can never remember Becca's LJ handle, same with Amy McNally, I don't even know if Kathy Mar or Tom Jeffers are on LJ, the second thing to go is the memory, [info]ericcoleman and [info]toyboatband, [info]catalana, [info]mrgoodwraith, and a whole bunch of other musicians, including possibly me. ;) And [info]billroper and [info]daisy_knotwise and [info]shsilver and [info]janmagic and [info]huskiebear and [info]tollers and [info]jrittenhouse and and and and and....

So who else is gonna be there? :)

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