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2009-06-21 (0 comments)

Back To The Scene Of The Crime, and Something That Sounds Familiar

The day was entirely colored by the fact that Christine Lavin was back at The Ark last night.

I had something I'd needed to finish for awhile, and I did. More about that in a bit.

You may have noticed that I did not note the anniversary of hurting myself. For the best possible reason: it slipped my mind. I didn't think of it until two days later, and then only with a, "Huh, thought I was gonna dwell on that some". And I'd been back to The Ark already (for JoCo in March), so there were no demons waiting there just based on the building itself.

Honestly, the only real problem last night was parking. Downtown Ann Arbor is usually a hoppin' place on the weekend, and this was the first really nice weekend in full summer. Several lots full; nothing on the street. Nothing on several streets. I drove around for about a half-hour until a space opened up in the lot behind The Ark. That meant the shortest distance between two pints was the Irish pub, but it's a nice pub. I just wish I'd had time for dinner.

The concert was, as usual, great. Met a couple of nice people who'd never heard Christine, and they seemed to enjoy it as well. The second half of the show was a guy named Don White, who didn't do too many songs but the ones he did were really good and he's a storyteller and stand-up as well and jayzus he was funny.

The first flashback occurred when Matt Watroba came out to lead the audience, Christine, Don, and another fine singer whose name I can't remember in Tom Paxton's "Peace Will Come".

This was the song that I was going to go up on stage to help sing at 11:00 p.m. on June 7, 2008.

No problem -- Matt didn't call anyone up on stage. But wait! There's an encore. Christine, leading everyone in "Sensitive New Age Guys Dads". And she did call me up on stage, specifically saying, "TAKE THE LONG WAY! Go through the back." Which I did. And I grabbed a chair along the way. Lots of fun, about fifteen guys up on stage, all high-fiving and being faux manly. It was great. God, my endurance for standing really is for shit, though. Very glad I brought the chair.

I ended up hanging out for almost another hour, specifically so I could talk with her and play my new recording for Christine. She was delighted, offered a bit of advice on the mix (which she honestly didn't have to, as the nice sound guy plugged the iPod into the board and I was blasting over The Ark's sound system, YEAH, except that I heard precisely what she was talking about much more clearly than I did at home), advice I have taken this morning, and thus buffed the song nicely.

And what is this song, you may ask? Why, it's the next Sounds Familiar -- "Wish I Couldn't Read Her Mind" (download it free here, buy the better MP3 here), guest-starring Christine Lavin! In a performance recorded only three-and-a-half hours before I hurt my leg last year. (That was funny, too -- she told me she'd forgotten she did it, and she heard it and thought, "Wow, he got someone who sounds a lot like me.")

How much does she like it? I'm sending her the final audio today, and she says she wants to play it as the the first song of her exit music, recessional, or whatever they call it, the music that clubs put on the P.A. as the concert ends and audiences are leaving. The idea is, the audience, being in a great mood since they just saw Christine Lavin in concert, hear my song, and go, "Say, who's that?" Let's hope it works in a good way. ;)

So, I survived, and triumphed, and had a blast, and Christine really likes what I did with her song. Yeah.

2009-06-21 (0 comments)

A Very Happy Father's Day

To everybody on my FList who either is, has, or had a father. Which I'm pretty sure is everybody, unless there's some cloning, immaculate conception, or Frankenscience going on I don't know about. And especially a great day to Terry, Dana, John, Tom U., Mark, and Tom, my Dad.

So. Doin' anything special for Dad? Steak, pizza, five uninterrupted hours with the TV, getting the kids off the lawn, what?

2009-06-20 (0 comments)


No, not the browser. The now-defunct spelling rule. Dunno what I love more -- the idea of no longer teaching one of the few spelling rules people remember, or the fact that the original news story had a spelling error.

It's been awhile since we covered this one: what spelling or grammatical mistakes annoy or amuse you the most? Feel free to include both errors you make and the ones you see a lot and Just Drive You Bonkers. I'm astounded at how many people still confuse "its" and "it's". Also "lose" and "loose".

2009-06-20 (0 comments)

Hot Town

This calls for a little Lovin' Spoonful.

What are you planning, between now and, say, July 4th, to make it more summery for y'self? I'm going to spend some time out on my lovely porch, playing guitar. Maybe have my sister or [info]violinsontv or [info]sazettel over with various kids to splash in the inflatable pool.

And there is every possibility of some meat being grilled.

2009-06-19 (0 comments)

Walter Cronkite Gravely Ill

Doesn't look good. Damn. Truly, one of the iconic newsmen of all time. I hope you either get well soon or pass easily, noble sir, and thank you for all you've done.

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