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2015-12-18 (0 comments)

New song: The Fault in Our Death Stars!

Everywhere, Star Wars fans are rejoicing because The Force Awakens has hit theaters, continuing the storyline from the place it probably should have continued the storyline in the first place, when they first decided to make another trilogy.

But I wanna talk about an alternate storyline. This is a song from an another Star Wars universe, where Darth Vader was successful in bringing Luke Skywalker to the dark side, and then they enjoy some great father/son bonding over destroying the universe together.

This song is from our new album, Multiverses, which you can pre-order right here!

2015-12-15 (0 comments)

Pre-order Multiverses now!

Our brand new album, Multiverses is available for pre-order! Head over to our Bandcamp page to check it out!

Digital and physical copies are available, and this pre-order is at a discount! Be sure to get it now while it’s available for $7.50 (digital) or $9.00 (for the CD). Additionally, when you order Multiverses, you instantly get six of the songs (Pretty Rings, Beatle Juice, The Fault in Our Death Stars, Natural Woman, Lone Ranger, and Healing Hand).

Also, if you were one of the IndieGoGo backers and selected a perk, you should have a digital download in your inbox now!

Track list:
1. Mindfield (My Brain Hand Touched a Hot Memory Stove!)
2. Dream Escape!
3. Pretty Rings
4. Andromeda
5. Beatle Juice
6. Dissociative (Ford, I Think I’m a Sofa)
7. The Fault in Our Death Stars
8. Brain Matter
9. Animation Reformation
10. Multiverses
11. Natural Woman
12. Lone Ranger
13. Fermata Over a Whole Rest as a Pun
14. Healing Hand
15. Time is an Illusion

2015-12-12 (0 comments)

Buy Lipstick’s album for charity and get NBW songs!

Our friends in the Nashville glam rock band Lipstick have announced a special charity campaign for the month of December. All of the profits from sales of the special edition of their debut album will go to International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC). Lipstick has chosen this charity in order to help victims of mass shootings in their native United States, but also to help the victims of the recent terrorist attacks in France.

The special edition of the debut album is $10, plus $5 for shipping and handling. The album is available both as a physical CD and digital download. Those buying the digital version of the album will receive two additional tracks by world-famous nerd rockers Nuclear Bubble Wrap.

“Obviously, if you buy the digital version of the album, you’ll end up donating more to the charity because there’s no shipping or printing costs, so we decided to offer a special bonus to the people buying the digital version. Our friends in Nuclear Bubble Wrap have graciously donated two of their songs to be part of this charity promotion, so if you buy the digital version of our album, you’ll also get two of their songs. One of them is their classic tune, ‘Sharktopus’, and another is a song called ‘The Fault in Our Death Stars’ from their upcoming album ‘Multiverses’. Whatever way you buy the album, you’re helping out a great cause.”

Head over to Lipstick’s merch store and buy their new album, receive an unreleased Nuclear Bubble Wrap song, and know that your money is going to charity!

2015-10-27 (0 comments)

Sexy Silk music video!

We have a brand new scary music video just in time for Halloween! “Sexy Silk” is a song about black widow spiders having sex and eating each other! The video was directed by Victoria Womack (who also did our video for The Halloween That Came Before November the First).

Download “Sexy Silk” from our album Psycho Delicacy!

2015-10-12 (0 comments)

New Song: Beatle Juice


We reached our goal to complete our recording studio and finish our new album! Thank you so much to everybody who donated! We’re so grateful to have your support, and that you people want us to keep creating content for you to listen to. It means a lot.

To honor our campaign’s success, we’ll share another song from the album with you. This one’s called “Beatle Juice” and it’s loaded with much Beatles love! There’s 27 individual references to Beatles lyrics or song titles in this song. FIND THEM ALL! For a limited time, download the song for free from The FuMP.

Kyle Thorne: vocals, guitars, bass 
Jace McLain: keyboards, backing vocals, drum programming


Talk to you eight days a week
And you don’t let me down a day in the life
Something in the way you move
Made me say I got to get you into my life

I want to hold your hand and I feel fine
It’s always getting better all the time

Your seashell eyes
My love can’t hide
Your seashell eyes

Let me take you down, I’m going to
Let it be as real love comes together in my life
It won’t be long, here comes the sun today
Shine, the weather’s fine, I see the inner light

The word is love is all and love is new
Because it’s beautiful and so are you

Your seashell eyes
My love can’t hide
Your seashell eyes

Tomorrow never knows
But I’ll follow the sun
I’ll send, across the universe
All my loving from me… to you

Your seashell eyes
My love can’t hide
Your seashell eyes

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