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2009-02-15 (0 comments)

Yesterday was Valentine's day?

Wonder why I didn't notice.

2009-02-14 (0 comments)


New video starring me and Kyle!

2009-02-13 (0 comments)


I just placed an order for a bunch of Nuclear Bubble Wrap EP CDs! Can't wait to get them. It sounds really good!

In the meantime a bunch of the songs are on myspace incase you never bothered to look.

2009-02-08 (0 comments)

Coraline is awesome go see it.

2009-02-08 (0 comments)


Half of you will think I'm crazy and the other half will think I'm nuts.

Some of you may know about my recent Ouija board experiences. I bought a Ouija board last month and began to use it to talk to a ghost in our dorm. At first my roommate and I just used it for that Lemon Demon forum thread, but after a while we were weirded out by the answers enough that we began to think maybe there's a bit more to this.

Upon a series of questions, here's what we found out about the ghost attached to our board:
His name is C.I. (his initials actually, he won't tell us his full name)
He will always come to our board unless we cast a circle and summon another ghost.
He was born in 1978, and died in 1999 around his 21st birthday.
He stays in the dorms and looks at girls while they're changing.
He died in a drug raid, was high at the time, and was killed when he was accidentally shot by one his friends. He blames drugs for his death.
He has an amazing sense of humor.
He's also quite nerdy. (Got the answer to life, the universe and everything and the unladen swallow questions correct.)
Ouija boards work better around midnight. Just an observation.

Before I get to the full story, here are some amusing things C.I. has done...

He hates my friend Brendan. Because well, Brendan kept insulting him. To which C.I. says "SUCK MY DEAD BALLS" and "BRENDAN SUCKS DEAD ROTTING CORPSE BALLS." Also while Brendan was standing on an amp, the board spelled "FALL FALL." C.I. has insulted Brendan in various other ways I don't quite remember.

He often references things that my roommate and I have done or said. He says he's in our room often and said "it's quite strange in here." Example, the question "Who's that Pokemon?" got "OBAMA." I'm assuming he was referencing "123456 Pokemon" by Lemon Demon.

Kyle is freaked out by that moon in the top right corner of the board, so anytime he puts his hand on it, C.I. goes straight for the moon and then spells "pussy."

Kyle's girlfriend, Elizabeth came to visit and C.I. kept hitting on her. Elizabeth said she'd slap him, and C.I. said "How will will you slap me, I'm dead?" She said "Oh I can find ways." C.I. said, "Who you gonna call?" Amazing.

He's said other funny things, but that's not what this is about. This about what we did last night. See, Elizabeth has experience with this kind of stuff, so she decided it'd be fun to go to a fucking cemetery and summon spirits. We got all our circle casting stuff, and brought C.I. in the car with us. He talked to us while in the car, though it's hard to work a Ouija board in a moving vehicle. He also kept turning Evan's phone on.

We got to the cemetery and pussed out. Not because we were afraid of ghosts, but because there was a giant NO TRESPASSING sign in the front and clearly said anyone caught after 6 PM would get in trouble. So. We realized there's a battlefield near us. We asked for C.I.'s advice on the issue and he said "I'd go to the cemetery." Should have listened.

We got to the battlefield where we were legally allowed to be, and sat down, cast our circle, and had C.I. there guarding us from evil spirits and whatnot. Then we summoned someone from the battlefield. We got a guy named Stan. He said he died in the Civil War and was from Louisiana. We asked "What do you think of the north?" and he said "Ugg." Then we heard a gunshot. Not just any gunshot. It was an old timey musket shot. Stan immediately spelled "GO." Whoa. So we uncasted our circle and got the hell out.

We got back to the dorm and began to talk to C.I. about the issue. He told us it was a good thing we left in time. Apparently the veil between the ghost world and ours was very thin and a bad ghost saw us and didn't want us to be there. So he began shooting. C.I. told us the bullet hit within 5 feet of us. He also said he didn't interact with Stan, but said he looked about 16 years old. We joked around and said "Man it'd be even creepier if Stan had spelled RUN instead of just GO." So you can guess what C.I. said. What a crazy ghost.

And that was my night. The previous night I did something probably more interesting to you: I saw Coraline. I'll rave about that later.

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