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2013-11-27 (0 comments)

PRESENTING: the most important experiment to which YOU could ever contribute!

2013-11-26 (0 comments)

COG Interviews - #1!

2013-11-22 (0 comments)

So much going on!

Sorry I haven't had time to post anything lately, but life has been chock full of wonderful work, bringing to life these various projects, one of which is coming to fruition tomorrow (Saturday) night!  The 'Dixieland' side of C.O.G. will be presenting, for the first time, an expanded 'vaudeville' style show, with magic, juggling, freakshow and fan dancing acts in between the music.  It's going to be at a wonderful new place called 'Publiq House', which I've been quite keen on getting into.  Really looking forward to this!

Also on the back burner, and steadily moving forward, is the 20th Anniversary Show... just got the poster art in for that, and completed a crazy parody Kickstarter for promoting this show (more on that soon.)  In the background, I've been interviewing all my bandmates from the past 17 years of the stage act.  This is going to be wonderful, but time is getting really tight!

I'm working on a number of technical upgrades for this show as well... including a much larger projection screen and enhanced lighting (it's always about the lighting these days, isn't it? LOL!) Very happy with the way the band's been sounding, and we've been doing 'throwback' rehearsals with the alumni as well each week.

2013-11-03 (0 comments)

Dec 6 - C.O.G.'s 20th Anniversary Celebration

Mark Dec. 6th on your calendars! After some false start-bookings, we've settled on Friday night, Dec 6th at Hangar 13 in New Orleans to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Consortium of Genius (September of 1993 marked the release of our very first album, 'Songs of Violence and Stupidity', available then as a cassette, and now as a FREE download.)

We've invited back everybody who was ever in the band... you'll see old faces and hear songs that haven't been heard in years, perhaps decades, at this insane celebration of mad science musical anarchy!

More news on this momentous occasion soon...

2013-10-30 (0 comments)

SteamCOG appearance on New Orleans TV show...

Just got through taping a local news/interest show called 'The 504', over at WWL-TV studios. This will be the first television appearance of the Dixieland jazz ver. of C.O.G., the 'Confabulation of Gentry'. Look for the broadcast Halloween night, 9pm on WUPL-TV channel 54 in New Orleans!

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