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2014-05-16 (0 comments)

Upcoming Events!

LOTS of events coming up! First up will be Jules Verne Fest on May 31, presented by the New Orleans Academy Francaise, and starring the Confabulation of Gentry - at the Old Mint building downtown! Quite an honor... and we are busy getting a new trumpet player trained up just in time for the occasion. Jules Verne is practically the grandfather of Steampunk, and I cannot think of a more appropriate occasion. And then, just a week later...

Yes, it's almost that TIME again... time for NOLA TimeFest, our wonderful Doctor Who/time travel celebration. It's June 7. This year we're upgrading from a large reception hall to a proper hotel, and the hotel ended up being the Doubletree - former home of Contraflow and the venerable New Orleans Science Fiction & Fantasy Fest (where C.O.G. debuted!)

Needless to say I'm excited about the possibilities... we'll be presenting the Confabulation of Gentry as the warm up band to the costume contest. I intend to show some George Melies films on the screen behind us as we play. Should be a delight! Been working on some commercials for this event too; here's the first one (I love playing 'Dalek Erik' and company... this year I actually did the whole read inside the Dalek costume. What a workout! They should market Dalek operator as a legitimate form of exercise.)

On June 21st, C.O.G. is scheduled to appear at BayouCon in Lake Charles, LA.  Been a couple years since we've done that, and they're upgrading the venue.  This con should see the debut of our new Lab Girl ... more news about her soon! Also unique will be the retro-lineup we're employing - you'll be seeing a couple of faces on this gig you haven't seen onstage with C.O.G. in quite some time...

2014-01-17 (0 comments)

Getting lasey...

So right now I'm getting interested again in show lasers - and it's a good time for that too, as they're pretty cheap, easy to get, and easy to modify.  This is being done in a run-up to a Pink Floyd concert that my guitarist and keyboardist are involved in, in early March.

I've gone ahead and bought another inexpensive '4 head' laser show box, which houses two red, one green, and one purple LED laser heads.  Now I have two such boxes that will be mounted on the stage, probably near the drums, and aimed over the audience's heads.  (we were shining the lasers down from the front truss and painting the stage with the abstract lines and patterns, but having beams radiate up from the stage itself promises to be a lot more effective.

Each unit houses two 400mw red lasers, a bright 60mw green laser, and a 300mw blue (or purple) laser.  In one port, the green laser beam is split and mixed with the extra red laser diode to approximate yellow.

So right now I'm thinking of purchasing an M140 laser diode module, which is a 2000mw blue laser, and swapping it out with one of the red lasers to obtain an aqua mix color... should be pretty spectacular if done right.  Gotta take some readings to make sure the power supply can support the extra current draw, but I have confidence that it'll be within the limits... also much ensure that the laser diode is heatsinked appropriately to radiate away the heat.  (laser heatsinks aren't that difficult to obtain...)

2014-01-02 (0 comments)

2014 - a fresh start!

Wow, a new year! Time to sweep aside the doldrums and make some stuff happen, cause it ain't gonna happen without some applied pressure!

Goals for 2014:

- FINALLY publish the COG DVD vol. 2 (got 10 years of video footage to cram into it!)

- FINALLY issue a CD for the 'Confabulation of Gentry'

- FINALLY get some of these long-dormant new songs through the pipeline and onto the stage.

I've got January free and am looking forward to spending a lot of it in the studio... February we'll be performing a LOT, so now's the time for me to act!  Meanwhile, I've been taking some time to add video clips - both from live concerts and music videos - to everything possible from the 'lyrics' page of our official website. Have a look!

2013-12-31 (0 comments)


2013 has been quite a wild ride, hitting solid high notes and low, gutteral ones... amazing and fun though!

The 'Steam' face of the C.O.G. really took flight this past year, playing as many dates as the rock band. (The intrigue stretched even further for a time in August, when the younger Dr. Pinkerton was assumed to be dead, and the elder Prof. Pinkerton attempted a seance to steal all his possessions...)

We staged our most successful show EVER at TimeFest 2013 in June, a convention launched jointly by the C.O.G. and the local Dr. Who fanclub, the Krewe Du Who. This show also marked the end of the run for Lab Tech Remy Dee, a very popular and powerful performer!

In September, after an exhaustive search, we ushered in our newest member, Dr. Sinistra Cerebellum - the first female bandmate with a guitar AND a real science degree (in Psychology, appropriately enough!)

We also staged a huge celebration for our 20th Anniversary (as a recording band; the live band has been in existence since 1996), uniting 14 members of the band onstage, and taping video interviews from 18 of the 24 folks that have held tenure at the Secret Lab.

2014 will be another year of change and progress; both bands are in the studio right now, striving to record a new crop of songs (finally!) and dream up new madness and fun... will we be able to top this past year? It's gonna be tough, but we love a good challenge!

2013-11-30 (0 comments)

C.O.G. Interviews

Here's something different from us... an ever expanding series of brief video interviews with all the folks who have played onstage in the Consortium of Genius. Enjoy!


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