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2014-08-06 (0 comments)

This Friday!

New songs!  New COG characters!  New audience participation opportunities!  It's been way too long since I've rocked the stage... and this is gonna be a doozy.

2014-07-26 (0 comments)

Let's see, what's new?

Well, it's certainly been long enough since I posted here!  What's been going on?

Well first and foremost is the news of a new female vocalist in the band... Susanna Curtis is going to be making her debut on August 8th as 'Nurse Shark'.   Her capabilities include vocals, keyboards, and a little guitar to boot.  You'll be learning a lot more about her strange  background and strange powers.. Seriously excited about what the next few shows will bring!

Also, Joe Panno (formerly 'Experiment F13') is back to stay as Dr. Sardonicus.  Joe played his first show in a couple years with C.O.G. last month at Bayoucon, and did great.  For bigger shows, he and Lester McLummox, each quite capable on his own, make one hell of an imposing two-guitar strike force.  Joe's quite prolific in the music-writing department as well so expect a lot of new tunes from the C.O.G. soon...

I'm also working on bumping our lighting up a notch; bought a new animation laser and am currently working on a centerpiece that will be part of the back-screen.  More on that later.

Oh, and before I forget to mention, the show August 8 will be with one of my favorite bands we've never played with - URIZEN, an awesome geeky metal band from Dallas that take their theatrics as seriously (and by that I mean humorously) as we do!  It'll happen in a couple weeks at Southport Hall, in Jefferson LA.  Stoked!

2014-06-06 (0 comments)

TimeFest is upon us!

Well, almost. Tonight I'll be setting up at what seems like a familiar old haunt, the Doubletree Hotel on Veterans Blvd. and Williams. The Consortium of Genius launched in 1996 at this very hotel, and I'm returning the layout to something very very similar, with the main stage & band (Confabulation of Gentry) in the 'Bayou' grand ballroom, and the dealer and gaming areas across the hall. Gonna be a bit hectic managing TWO rooms (I'm running a separate panel/video room across the hall) but overall I have a really good feeling about all this. Hope you can make it to what promises to be a fun festival!

2014-06-01 (0 comments)

What a show last night!

The Mint is a very prestigious place, and they were well equipped for taping and broadcasting - in fact, they webcasted the show and stored it for all to view here:

Watch live streaming video from directionofsky at livestream.com

2014-05-31 (0 comments)

Jules Verne Fest tonight!

Well, this should be interesting... I've resisted augmenting the stagecraft aspect of the Steampunk version of C.O.G. for pretty its entire existence, hoping to avoid backbreaking exercises in last minute A/V spaghetti, networking, etc., but this time I simply couldn't resist.

Jules Verne is as Steampunk as it gets, and of course his contemporary Georges Méliès made the original science fiction film, 'Voyage to the Moon'... so what I've done for tonight's appearance is dusted off some of the best Georges Méliès films (or rather, stabilized, deflickered, and denoised them) and will be showing them while we perform at the Old Mint - one of our most prestigious appearances ever! We'll also be introducing our new trumpet player Jenevieve. Should be a fun evening! I hope it is well attended and appreciated...

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