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2014-12-17 (0 comments)

What is the band up to now?

For our little end of the year sabbatical, we've been taking a little break from gigging and instead concentrating on recording - trying to get some new tunes worked on, but also trying to get recordings of all the songs by other artists we've covered over the years.

Checking the live show logs, we've logged a LOT of covers over the course of the last 18 years or so, with about 20 of them having been played by the current lineup - but most of them have never been properly recorded (exceptions: 'Doctor Who', 'Blinded Me With Science', 'Magic Dance', 'Green Slime') Time to change that! First one up was 'Major Tom', the new one we have picked up for our new Nurse Shark. We recorded this last week and I spliced it together with some nice looking live footage from a couple months ago...

Next one up will be the theme from Buckaroo Banzai... we just started recording that at rehearsal last night...

2014-11-08 (0 comments)


2014-10-20 (0 comments)


For the Consortium of Genius, there's a little opening spot tonight at Southport Hall with the Protomen and our friends from Dallas, Urizen...  we're going on early, at 7pm for a quick half hour slot.  Then next Wednesday (the 29th) we'll be playing House of Shock haunted house one last time, with a big all-ages show that hopefully includes a lot of old favorites!  That should start around 8pm.

For Confabulation of Gentry, we're going to debut our new lineup with our brand new trumpet player and bass player headlining a show on November 29th at Banks St. Bar, but before that we are gunning for an opening slot with touring steampunk act Frenchy & the Punk... location TBA.

Meanwhile, the robots of Circuits or Gears have successfully launched their opening salvo against the human race, and the results are visible in this video, for a 'song' that they debuted last Friday on The Fump.  Enjoy!

Oh yeah, one last thing... I finally have cataloged all my projects HERE.  Easier to keep track of, with the shortest URL I was able to afford, LOL!

2014-09-26 (0 comments)

Next weekend...

......the hideous workload continues for next weekend, which marks the debut of the inevitable FUTURE version of the Consortium of Genius - set in the year 2114, the 'Circuits or Gears' will show the world what Drumbot's ultimate band would be like. BE AFRAID.

Debuting at Contraflow Sci-fi Festival, this is slated to bow at 10pm on Saturday night, and it's taking all my time getting things ready.  Prepare for robotic metal might, crude electro dance beats, ancient tech, and lots and lots of really awful robots!

2014-09-23 (0 comments)

Tenacious 'D' contest

How many years has it been since the 'Pick of Destiny' contest? Well, almost a decade, but here we are at it again - participating in the D's jingle writing contest for their upcoming comedy music festival 'Festival Supreme'. This was a quick 'n' dirty effort by us, recorded in just a couple hours last Thursday night - just before the deadline!


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